Who can apply for Labour Agreement Stream?

Who Can Apply for Labour Agreement Stream?

Are you a skilled employee who’s nominated by an Australian employer? Then you must apply for the Labour agreement stream. The Australian employers nominate skilled workers from overseas under the labour agreement. The purpose of nominating overseas workers is to fill positions in a business where no Australians are available.


Continue reading to know the details and eligibility to apply for the labour agreement stream in Australia.


 Labour Agreement Stream

Labour agreement visa nominated skilled workers to live and work in Australia. It’s a permanent visa. Australian employers nominate highly qualified skilled workers. They nominate them to fill a position in their business where no Australian workers are available. You might be eligible for a labour agreement stream if you work for an employer who’s a party to a labour agreement.


If you’re nominated by the Australian employer and need help to apply for a labour agreement visa then book your consultation with us!


You can stay and work in Australia permanently with a labour stream. Being a permanent resident of Australia, you can enjoy many benefits. You can enroll in Medicare, the public healthcare scheme of Australia. If your relatives want to come to Australia, you can sponsor them as well.


Labour agreement visa allows you to travel from and to Australia for 5 years. You can also apply for Australian citizenship if you’re eligible. You become a permanent resident of Australia on the date you get this visa. Furthermore, you can also add a family member to your application for the labour stream.


Who Can Apply for Labour Agreement Stream?

The Department of Home Affairs has set specific criteria for the labour agreement stream.


To apply for a labour agreement, you must;

  • Work or will be working for your nominating employer who’s a party to a labour agreement
  • Meet the English language requirement
  • Have experience and skills for the position under labour agreement stream
  • Skills assessment only if the Department of Home Affairs asks for it.
  • Be licensed, registered, or a member of a professional association if it’s obligatory in a state/territory you’re planning to work.
  • Be nominated by the Australian employer whose business is in progress in Australia
  • Be under 45 years of age
  • Have a substantive 457 or TSS visa issued under a labour agreement.
  • Meet health requirements. If your family member is applying with you so, they also have to satisfy the health requirement.
  • Meet the character requirements if you’re above 16 years of age
  • Sign the Australian Values Statement. It’s to confirm that you’ll respect the Australian laws and their way of living.
  • Not owe money to the Australian Government. Or you must have the arrangement to pay your debts back if there’re any.
  • Not have had a visa canceled before.


What is an on-hire labour agreement?

An on-hire labour agreement allows an Australian company to sponsor people from other countries. The Australian employer can hire overseas workers temporarily. Later on, they on-hire them to work for other companies. Australian employers hire people with skills that aren’t available in Australia.


For instance, they can hire people with engineering skills for the automotive industry. They can make a contract with them to work for other organizations. However, the workers still remain the employees of the company which sponsors them in Australia. Skilled workers come on Temporary Skill Shortage Visa under an on-hire labour agreement.


Employees under an on-hire labour agreement must:

  • Full-time employed in Australia
  • Paid by their sponsored company, however, they may also be contracted out to other companies.
  • Be paid a salary equivalent to what an Australian would receive for similar work and not less than $65,000 per year.
  • Contracts can be based on daily rates or fixed salaries, if the minimum requirements and visa requirements are met.



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Processing Time for Labour Agreement

The Department of Home Affairs issues the labour agreement stream to skilled employees. It prioritizes visa applications that contain complete documents. Furthermore, you must pay the visa application charges. As Home Affairs can’t process applications if you don’t pay the fee.


It processes;

  • 75% of applications within 15 months.
  • 90% of applications within 24 months.



Labour agreement stream is a great opportunity for skilled overseas workers. They can live and work in Australia permanently with labour agreement visa. Australian employers sponsor the eligible workers with skills that are in short supply in Australia. The purpose of the labour agreement is to fill the skill shortages in Australia. So, if you’re a skilled employee nominated by an Australian employer, you can apply for labour agreement stream.


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