Why Should I Get a Migration Consultation to Move to Australia?

 Why Should I Get a Migration Consultation to Move to Australia?

Australia is a developed country where people love to migrate. It’s one of the best destinations to live, study and work. The Australian Government gives a warm welcome to foreign nationals in Australia. However, the Australian immigration process is a bit complicated. Therefore, you can get a migration consultation to make your Australian immigration process easy.


The registered migration agents make your immigration process simple. The Department of Home Affairs offers different visas to migrate to Australia. The regular applicants usually don’t have accurate information about Australian visas. Though, registered migration agents have a strong understanding of Australian visas and immigration policies.


If you want to leave your country to migrate to Australia, you must hire a Migration Agent. Keep reading to find out why a migration agent can assist you in Australian immigration.


What is the Role of Migration Agents?

Migration agents help people to migrate to another country with legal process. They understand the Australian laws thoroughly. They provide authentic details about Australian visa requirements, eligibility and outcomes. Migration agents are registered with the Office of the Registered Migration Agents Authority (OMARA).


OMARA regulates the services and profession of migration agents in Australia. The registered migration agents act in the best interest of their clients. They advise their clients about the do’s and don’ts to follow to apply for an Australian visa. Most importantly, they follow the code of conduct by OMARA to provide immigration services in Australia.


If you need professional advice for Australian immigration, book your consultation with our registered migration agents!


Registered migration agents consult with the Department of Home Affairs on behalf of their clients. They provide updates about the Australian visa policies. They remove errors from visa applications that can lead to visa refusal. Migration agents can save your time, money and effort. They act as negotiators to represent their clients before review bodies legally and during the visa process.


Here’re the significant tasks and responsibilities of a registered migration agent.

  • Provides accurate details Australian immigration laws, visa policies, visa requirements and eligibility criteria.
  • Responds to written and verbal queries.
  • Reads and reviews applications to see if the applicant is eligible to migrate to Australia.
  • Explains the decision made by the Department of Home Affairs on their applications.
  • Issues permits and visas
  • Implements immigration laws to all visa applications for Australia
  • Investigates breaches of Australian immigration policies.


How Should I Choose an Agent for Migration Consultation?

Finding the right migration agent to represent your Australian visa case can be very challenging. It’s essential to hire a professional migration agent to move to Australia. As they often charge thousands of dollars for migration consultation.


Several migration agents are currently providing immigration services in Australia. However, how would you know that you’re consulting with the right migration agent?


Here’re some tricks and tips to follow which can help you hire the right migration agent:


  • Registered with OMARA 

The most important thing to know is if the migration agent is registered with the Office of the Registered Migration Agents Authority (OMARA). OMARA regulates all migration agents in Australia. If a migration agent is registered with OMARA, you’ll not have to worry about anything. As the registered migration agents provide authentic information which directly comes from OMARA.


Migration agents registered with OMARA stay up-to-date with the Australian immigration laws. They give the right instructions to their clients about Australian visas. Moreover, if you’ve any issues with your migration agent, you can report them to OMARA.


  • Check Client’s Reviews 

Check out the client’s reviews of migration agents. Find out what their old clients have to say about them. You can check out the Google reviews to see the reviews on migration agents. As organizations can’t hide or remove the reviews from Google. You can see the star ratings on the migration company.


However, you should only consider migration companies with a rating above 4 stars. Look for the things their former clients loved about them. Likewise, see if any of their clients had any issues regarding their immigration services.


  • Meet Individually with Migration Agent

You must have a face-to-face meeting with your migration agent before hiring them. People often neglect this to save time. However, it’s very important to meet your migration agent before starting your immigration process. You can ask questions about their immigration services.


If you live offshore and cannot meet with your migration agent physically, you must arrange a meeting on skype or call. Migration agents may charge you for the first consultation. However, some migration agents offer free-of-cost migration consultation. If you want to book a free consultation, contact our registered consultancy firm.


  • Ask about the Success Rate 

You must not feel shy to ask about the success rate of your migration agent. As you’re investing your money, it’s your right to confirm everything. Though, migration agents don’t give you the guarantee for your visa application success.


You can evaluate their success rate to see how good they are. An honest migration agent will not take your case if your application has high refusal chances. Or, he’ll guide you to improve your visa application to increase the chances of visa approval.


What to Do Now?

You can easily start your immigration process when you know how to choose the right migration agent. A registered migration agent provides the authentic details to migrate to Australia. It’s not obligatory to hire a migration agent. However, you’ll give yourself a favor if you get a migration consultation.


Registered migration agents make your visa applications error-free. They help you through the whole process for Australian immigration. If you consult with a registered migration agent, your visa approval chances will definitely be high.


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