407 Visa to PR in Australia? Is it Possible?

407 Visa to PR in Australia? Is it Possible?

No, a 407 visa to PR in Australia isn’t possible. It’s a temporary visa. You can stay for 2 years in Australia with a 407 visa. This visa is granted only for training purposes in Australia. As soon as you complete your training, you have to move back to your homeland.


The Department of Home Affairs offers various visa to get PR in Australia. However, Training visa 407 is only for training purposes. With Training Visa 407, you can travel to Australia to participate in workplace-based training.


So, if you want to apply for a Training visa 407, keep reading. We’re going to pen down the detail about what a Training visa is all about.


Training Visa (subclass 407) 

A Training visa 407 allows you to attend workplace-based training in Australia. You can participate in a training program to improve your professional skills. The purpose of training programs is to develop skills for your occupation or area of tertiary study.


If you want to enroll in a training program and apply for a 407 visa to PR, book your consultation with us!


Training visa 407 costs nearly AUD 315 for main applicants. If any of your family members are applying with you, there’ll be separate charges. You’re also required to pay for biometrics, health checks and police certificates. You can travel from and to Australia as many times as you want.


407 visa offers a multiple travel facility. You can travel from and to Australia as often as you like until your visa is valid. Training visa 407 covers different programs in Australia. It depends on applicants that what kind of training they want to join.


How Can I Be Eligible for Training Visa 407? 

You can be eligible for Training Visa 407 if you meet its requirements. The Department of Home Affairs has set particular criteria for visa 407.


To obtain visa 407, you must;

  • Have an approved sponsor for 407 visa
  • Be nominated by your sponsor to undertake occupational training in Australia. However, the nomination requirements may vary according to the type of training. As visa 407 covers 3 different trainings. They include Occupational training required for registration, Occupational training for capacity building overseas, and Occupational training to improve skills in an eligible occupation.
  • Be 18 years old or above.
  • Meet the health and character requirements. If your family members are applying with you, they must meet these requirements.
  • Have an adequate health insurance
  • Be a genuine temporary entrant. You must intend to return to your country after 2 years.
  • Have functional English
  • Not owe money to the Australian Government or have arranged to pay it back if there’re any.
  • Not previously have had a visa refusal.


Can I Work on a Training Visa?

Training visa 407 allows you to work in the fields specified in your visa application. 407 visa holders have limited work rights. You can work for 2 years in your nominated field in Australia.


Further, the Department of Home Affairs may cancel your visa if you work in a field that isn’t relevant to your nominated occupation.


The purpose of Training visa 407 is not to fill labor shortages in Australia. 407 visa is not for people who want to work in Australia. It’s for people who want professional training for their nominated occupation.


They can improve their skill by completing the professional training program in Australia.


407 Visa to PR in Australia

Training visa 407 is a temporary visa. You can stay for 2 years in Australia to undertake a training program. You can’t get permanent residency in Australia with a visa 407.


Australia does not issue a 407 visa to PR in Australia. If you really want to settle in Australia, you should apply for a Permanent Residence Visa (subclass 191).


Visa 191 allows you to live, study and work in Australia permanently. Being a permanent resident, you can sponsor your relatives to visit Australia.


Though, you must have lived in a designated regional area of Australia for 3 years to get visa 191. Moreover, you must hold an eligible visa when applying for a Permanent Residence Visa 191.


How much does a 407 Training Visa cost in Australia?

Australia’s training visa 407 costs AUD 315. The cost of the visa can vary according to your situation.


Family members applying for visas with you will be charged additional fees.  You may have to pay more for health insurance, police, and health checks in addition to the visa application fee.


Who can sponsor you for a 407 visa for Australia?

  •  Anyone who is an authorized temporary activity sponsor can be your sponsor.
  •  A legal business based in Australia (non-profit organization, company, partnership, and so on).
  •   An institution of the Australian Commonwealth or a government agency that works in Australia.
  •   An Australian member of an international group.
  • A company or person that runs a super yacht or the captain of one.
  •  A sports group that works in Australia.
  •   A religious group or organization that works in Australia.



Training visa 407 is for people who want to improve their professional skills. They can apply for a 407 visa and undertake a training program in Australia. However, they can’t get the PR in Australia with a Training visa.


As there’s no possibility of a 407 visa to PR in Australia. You can work on your skills by participating in workplace-based activities. It’s a great opportunity for overseas people to come to Australia and develop their professional skills.


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