Professional Year Requirement - A Complete Guide 2021!

Professional Year Requirement – A Complete Guide 2021!

Australia is one of the best destinations to study in the world. Millions of international students come to Australia for higher studies. Australia offers Professional Year Program for overseas students who graduated in IT, Engineering, and Accounting from Australia. International students must understand the professional year requirement before applying for it.


It’s pretty challenging for international students to find a job in Australia. However, Professional Year Program in Australia helps students to find employment in Australia. This program is for overseas students to develop their professional skills. If you want to know about what Professional Year Program is all about, then keep reading.


What is Professional Year Program?

Professional Year is a well-structured program in Australia. It’s for the career development of international students in Australia. Overseas graduates from Australian universities who’ve studied IT, Engineering, or Accounting can apply to the Professional Year Program. This program is designed to enhance the skills of students to get employment in Australia.


If you want to pursue your career in IT, Engineering or Accounting in Australia, Professional Year is the best option. Many international students aren’t aware of Professional Year Program. If you’re interested in applying to Professional Year in Australia, you can book your consultation with our consultancy firm.



Professional Year Program is a combination of learning and practical training. It’s a 44-week program. It consists of 32 weeks of classroom study and 12 weeks of internship placement. International students can gain knowledge about their field during the professional year program. They can improve their skills during the internship period.


Professional Year Requirement 

You must follow the Professional Year requirement to be eligible to apply for it. International students must;


  • Have completed a degree in Accounting, Engineering, IT or a relevant field from an Australian university.
  • Have applied or hold a Temporary Graduate Visa 485. As this visa permits international students to stay for more than 18 months after completing their degree in Australia.
  • Provide evidence of your English language proficiency.
  • Have a valid skills assessment from skills assessing authority such as (ICAA, ACS, CPA, EEA and IPA).
  • Score 6.0 in IELTS to qualify for Professional Year program.


Advantages of Professional Year in Australia

The professional year program is incredibly beneficial for international students. It increases the chances of overseas students getting PR in Australia. It helps students to develop their professional skills.


Here’re some of the significant benefits of completing Professional Year in Australia.

  • You can find various job opportunities if you complete Professional Year successfully. As it’s hard for overseas students to find their first job in Australia. However, through the professional year program, they can work in different firms as internees.
  • Many Australian institutes offer internships to overseas students. International students get even permanent positions during the internship.
  • It adds value to your CV/Resume.
  • PYP helps students to improve their communication skills. They learn how to act professionally in the Australian workplace.
  • You gain 5 extra points to apply for permanent residency in Australia.


Top Benefits of Professional Year Program | 5 POINTS FOR PR!!


How to Apply for Professional Year in Australia?

You must submit the required documents to apply for Professional Year Program.


The documents include;

  • CV/Resume
  • Evidence of English Language Proficiency (IELTS)
  • Certified copy of academic documents
  • Skills assessment from relevant assessment authorities
  • Application letter
  • Certified copy of passport


Make sure to review all your documents before submitting them. However, if you need help regarding the documentation, you can book your consultation with us.


Who can enroll in Professional Year Program?

International students who’ve completed a degree in Accounting, Engineering or IT can enroll for PYP. You must have a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 while applying for the Professional year program. Visa 485 allows you to stay in Australia after completing your studies. You can stay in Australia for up to 18 months on visa 485.


According to the professional year requirement, you must be under 50 years to apply for it. You must hold a skills assessment from relevant skills assessing authorities like (ACS, EEA, CPA, IPA or ICAA). Further, you must provide evidence of your English language proficiency. At least a 6.0 score in IELTS is required to qualify for Professional Year Program.



International students who graduated in IT, Engineering and Accounting must apply for Professional Year Program. It helps students to gain employment experience in Australia. They learn about the code of conduct to work in the Australian workplace. However, overseas students must meet the professional year requirement. The most interesting thing about PYP is, you get extra 5 points to apply for PR in Australia. International students can secure their careers by completing Professional Year in Australia.


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