NSW Pilot Plan 2022 - Return of International Students in Australia

NSW Pilot Plan 2022 – Return of International Students in Australia

NSW International Student Arrivals Pilot Plan is supported by both the Australian and NSW governments. The Pilot Plan is all about the return of international students to New South Wales. In line with the Pilot Plan, a limited number of 250 international students will return every two weeks from the 6th of December 2021.


As part of the NSW Pilot Plan, international students who return to Australia are required to be fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccination. They must get the vaccination dose recognized by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) before they land in Sydney.


The NSW Government has announced that international students will not have to undergo quarantine. It’ll also include overseas students under the NSW Pilot Plan, which is for students who have been fully vaccinated with TGA-recognized vaccines and approved to travel to Australia by the Commonwealth Government.


The Commonwealth Government grants travel exemptions to travel to Australia. At the same time, New South Wales is working with the Commonwealth to secure travel exemptions for the return of international students under the Pilot Plan.


In the NSW International Student Arrivals Pilot Plan, returning Australian students will not be relocated. NSW Pilot Program is fully funded by the industry. It has got full support from the NSW Government around logistical and coordination of students’ return.


Fully Vaccinated Overseas Student to Return without Quarantine 

Under the NSW Pilot Plan, the first chartered plane is scheduled to touch down in Sydney on the 6th of December, Monday, for the return of international students. On the first flight, around 250 students will come from over 15 countries. These countries include Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, China and Canada. On the other hand, students from South Asia and India are scheduled to return on the second flight.


Dominic Perrottet on the Return of Overseas Students

The Premier of New South Wales, Dominic Perrottet, has highlighted the importance of international education to connect NSW with the world. He said that more than 250,000 overseas students were studying in NSW before the pandemic. International education has supported over 95,000 full-time jobs in New South Wales.


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NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet, has stated that;

“This is a significant milestone in our roadmap to recovery and I can’t wait to welcome back such an important part of our community.” 

“They don’t just make a significant contribution to our economy, but international students play a role in our culture and contribute to our community and lifestyle.”


Statements by Stuart Ayres

According to Stuart Ayres, the Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney and Minister for Trade and Industry, students must have approval by the Commonwealth Government to enter Australia.


He said that;

“I welcome continued collaboration with the Commonwealth Government in supporting international students as they return to NSW.” 

“This sends a clear message about how much NSW values our international students.”


International students will return to NSW from December until further notice following the pilot plan’s phased approach. Scape Redfern, a student housing center, will continue to provide accommodation on the return of international students. 


Why is NSW Pilot Plan Important? 

The main goal of the NSW Pilot Plan is the return of international students to New South Wales as soon as possible. International students play a vital role in the education sector of Australia. International students make positive contributions to the communities of NSW where they live, study, and work.


The NSW Government is working closely with the international education communities to bring overseas students back to the state. NSW will prioritize the return of students from universities and large independent institutions. Furthermore, institutions will approach returning students based on a set of criteria and their individual circumstances.


The return of international students to NSW will help its economy and education sector to remain sustainable in the future. Between the pandemic and September 2021, New South Wales has already lost more than half of its international students.


Most of the students moved to other countries with fewer border restrictions. In comparison, some of them have chosen to stay in their homelands. If NSW loses more international students in 2021, it’ll lose more than $5 billion to the NSW economy.


What to do now?

The Government of New South Wales has announced the return of international students under its Pilot PlanFully vaccinated students will be able to enter NSW. They’ll not be required to undergo quarantine after arriving in New South Wales.


There’ll be 2 flights scheduled to bring overseas students from different countries. The first chartered flight will be carrying more than 250 students from 15 countries. While the second flight will be taking students from South Asia and India.


Make sure that you’re fully inoculated with the TGA-approved vaccination. Under NSW Pilot Program, only those students will be allowed to enter Australia who’re vaccinated and approved by the Commonwealth Government.


For more details, visit NSW Government!


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