Speed Up Your Protection Visa Processing Time 2021

Speed Up Your Protection Visa Processing Time in 2021

Sometimes, people from different countries move to some other states to find protection. It happens when they suffer persecution or torture in their homeland. The reason for persecution could be race, war, religion, or political issues. In this case, people often seek asylum in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs provides a 866 Visa to people seeking asylum. However, if you’ve applied for this visa, you must know about the protection visa processing time.


What is Permanent Protection Visa?

Visa 866 is a permanent visa. It’s offered to people who come to Australia on a valid visa and need asylum. If you engage with the protection obligations of Australia so you can be eligible for the Protection Visa. However, you must meet the other eligibility requirements as well to get subclass 866 in Australia.


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Subclass 866 visa costs around AUD 40. You must obey the Australian laws and policies to obtain this visa successfully. Protection visa holders can live in Australia safely and permanently. The multiple travel facility starts from the date you get your Protection Visa. You can travel from and to Australia for 5 years until the validity period of subclass 866.


Eligibility Criteria for Protection Visa

You can be eligible to obtain the Protection Visa Australia if you meet its requirements. The Department of Home Affairs has set specific eligibility criteria for this visa.


To obtain visa subclass 866, you must;

  • Be a refugee who wants asylum in Australia.
  • Engage Australia’s protection obligations or belong to the same family unit as someone who does.
  • Comply with all visa requirements that include security, character and health checks.
  • Have entered Australia on a valid visa.
  • Not be barred from applying for a permanent Protection Visa in Australia.
  • Not hold Temporary Protection visa (subclass 785), Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (subclass 790), Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) visa (subclass 786), or Temporary Safe Haven visa (subclass 449).
  • Meet the security requirements of Australia.
  • Meet the health and character requirements.
  • Provide documents such as proof of identity, citizenship, or nationality with your visa application. The department of Home Affairs may ask you for biometrics as well.


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What Documents Do I Need for Protection Visa?

You need to provide specific documents along with your Protection Visa application. Ensure that you submit the complete documents with your application. As it helps to boost the protection visa processing time. The Department of Home Affairs asks for certified copies of all documents.


They include;

  • Any documents/proofs to support your claims for protection
  • All pages of your passport and other travel documents you used to enter Australia
  • Documents/evidence to support your relationship with each person in your visa application. These documents may include birth certificates, marriage certificates, financial documents and notarial certificates.


The Department of Home Affairs will keep the certified copies of your documents. Whereas your original documents will be returned to you by Home Affairs. Furthermore, make sure your documents are translated into English. You must contact a certified translator from the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).


What is Protection Visa Processing Time?

If you’ve applied for a Protection Visa Australia, you need to wait for the Department of Home Affairs to respond. The Protection Visa processing time isn’t fixed. As it varies according to applications. Your application may take longer to process if you do not fill it correctly. You’re required to submit the complete documents in your subclass 866 application.


The Department of Home Affairs often contacts applicants for more information. Therefore, it’s very important that you respond as soon as possible. You may boost your Protection Visa processing time by meeting visa requirements. The Department of Home Affairs aims to process visa applications that contain all required documents quickly.


Can I Travel to My Home Country on Protection Visa?

Visa 866 doesn’t allow you to travel to the same country where you seek protection from. You may travel to your homeland if the Australian Government allows you. However, if you have a compelling reason, you must get permission from the Australian Government.


This policy also applies to your family members included in your visa application. Furthermore, the Department of Home Affairs will cancel your Protection Visa if you travel to your homeland without permission.


You can avail the multiple travel facility on subclass 866. As it permits visa holders to travel from and to Australia for 5 years. This multiple travel facility is only valid for 5 years.


Can family members move with you on a Protection Visa?

You can bring family members on the list if they are the head of the family: 

  1. The spouse.
  2. Partner in a de facto relationship.
  3. Dependent children or stepchildren.
  4. The partner’s or spouse’s stepchild or child.


In addition to them, the family includes:

  1. The parent.
  2. Grandchildren and grandparent.
  3. Uncle or aunt.
  4. Nephew or niece.
  5. Or a step that is the same as the ones above.


The person who wants to get a visa doesn’t have to be the family head. It can be anyone else in the family unit. Only children under 18 are considered dependents when it comes to counting them.


Any child over 18 must apply for their own visa unless they are: 

  • Not able to work because of a physical or mental illness.
  • They depend on their parents for everything, including money, social support, and physical care.
  • The child is no longer considered dependent if they are married, in a relationship, or engaged.


Families are supervised by their family head if:

  •  They are not married or in a relationship.
  • Staying with the head of the family.
  • Financially, socially, and physically dependent on the family head.


Protection Visa Processing Time in 2021 – Final Thoughts

The Australian Government provides a Protection Visa to people seeking asylum. It’s like a life savior for people who don’t feel safe in their home country. They can migrate to Australia on a valid visa and apply for Protection Visa. It’s a permanent visa. The refugees get Australian PR  if they meet the requirements for subclass 866.


Are you a refugee seeking asylum in Australia? Then book your consultation with our consultancy firm to apply for the Protection Visa!


Protection Visa holders can live freely in Australia. The Australian Government always welcomes refugees, migrants and other overseas visitors. You can also work in Australian firms. Moreover, you can enroll in any course study you want in Australia.


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