What is child visa 101 processing time? - A Complete Guide!

What is child visa 101 processing time? – A Complete Guide!

Australia is an ideal and dream place for family holidays. It’s a friendly and welcoming country. Many people visit Australia for vacations and to meet their families. Australia is a safe country with a high standard of living. The Department of Home Affairs offers a Child Visa 101 to children who want to live with parents in Australia. If you’ve applied for this visa and want to know about the child visa 101 processing time, here’s the complete guide.


Child Visa 101

Child Visa 101 is for offshore children who want to move to their parents in Australia. It’s a permanent visa. Children wishing to get the Australian PR may apply to Child Visa 101. They can travel from and to Australia for 5 years until their visa is valid. Child Visa 101 permits people to enroll in any course study they want. They can also work to make a living in Australia.


If you want to apply for Child visa 101 to live with your parents in Australia, book your consultation with our registered consultancy firm!


Parents living in Australia can sponsor their children to apply for Child Visa 101. Children become permanent residents of Australia from the day they get their visa. Child Visa holders can also sponsor their relatives to visit Australia. They can enroll in Medicare, which is a public healthcare scheme in Australia. Child Visa holders can get all the health and medical services from Medicare.


What are the Requirements for Child Visa 101?


The Department of Home Affairs has set particular requirements for Child Visa 101. If you want to apply for Child Visa then you must meet its eligibility criteria. As it helps to speed up the child visa 101 processing time if you fulfill all visa requirements.


To lodge your Child Visa 101 application, you must;

  • Be a dependent child of your parents in Australia.
  • Be a child of a parent who’s an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.
  • Be single.
  • Financially dependent on your parents.
  • Be outside Australia while applying for Child Visa 101.
  • Either be under 18 or be a full-time student aged over 18 and under 25 and financially dependent on your parent, or over 18 and couldn’t do any work due to a disability.
  • Be sponsored by your parents or your parent’s de facto partner or spouse.
  • Meet the health and character requirements outlined by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • This policy applies to the child or any dependent applying for Child Visa 101.
  • In case the child or any member of the family owes the Australian government money, they must pay it back.
  • Sign the Australian Values Statement if you’re 18 years of age or above that. As it approves that you’ll be respecting Australian laws while residing in Australia.
  • Have written and official consent to move to Australia.


What Documents are Needed for Child Visa 101?

Make sure to complete the document checklist for Child Visa 101 application. As applications with incomplete documents will be refused. These documents include;

  • National identity card
  • Your current passport with your photograph and personal details.
  • Issue and expiry dates of your passport
  • 4 recent passport-size photographs of the child or any dependent child included in the visa application. Photos must be of good quality.
  • Certified copy of your passport or travel documents to enter Australia.
  • Health and character documents


You can also visit the website of the Department of Home Affairs for more details about the documentation. If you need help regarding the documents or application process, book your consultation with our registered consultancy firm!


Make sure to translate all the non-English documents into English. Translators in Australia must be accredited by National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. However, translators outside Australia do not have to be accredited. They need their full name, address, contact number, qualifications and experience in each translation.


Child Visa 101 Processing Time

The Department of Home Affairs processes the applications for Child Visa 101. If you’ve submitted your visa application, then you’ve to wait for Home Affairs to respond. It takes a few months to process visa applications. Here’s the general child visa 101 processing time.


  • 75% of applications for Child Visa 101 take 21 months to be processed.
  • 90% of applications get finalized within 34 months.


However, applications may take longer to process if they don’t include complete documents. If you don’t fill your application correctly so, Home Affairs will reject your application. Moreover, you must pay the applications charges to complete your applications process for Child Visa 101 smoothly.


What’s next?

If you’ve submitted the application for Child Visa 101, then Home Affairs will contact you shortly. Make sure to submit all required documents and avoid any kind of errors. As errors in visa applications cause the visa refusals or make the child visa 101 processing time slow.


If you want to know more details about Child Visa 101, book your consultation with our registered migration agents!


If your Child Visa application gets approved, then you can live permanently with your parents in Australia. Further, you can avail all the amazing benefits as Australian permanent residents. The Australian Government provides different advantages for living, working and studying to permanent residents of Australia.


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