International Travel ban to be lifted in Australia Nov, 2021

International Travel ban to be lifted in Australia Nov, 2021

A piece of good news has been circulating about Travel ban to be lifted. The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has announced to lift the travel ban from the 1st of November, 2021. He confirmed this news in an interview by stating that;


“I can announce today that last night the Health Minister signed off on the fact that from the 1st of November, Australians who are double vaccinated will be able to travel overseas.”


He expressed his eagerness to see the travel ban lifted in Australia. As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Australia imposed some of the toughest travel restrictions in the world. As the travel restrictions have stranded the majority of Australian citizens in Australia since March 2020.


The Australian citizens couldn’t leave the country without applying for the travel exemption. However, fully vaccinated travelers will no longer be required to get an exemption to leave Australia. As a result of the nation’s incredible vaccination rate, Morrison said the federal government was confident in allowing citizens to travel overseas.


He said that;

“Today I can tell you that Australia’s first dose vaccination rate is now higher than the United Kingdom, so well done Australia!”


By Tuesday, 87.1% of Australian citizens over the age of 16 have had one vaccination dose. At the same time, 74.1% of people were fully vaccinated. From the 1st of November, 2021, all Australians can travel outside Australia without an exemption. However, only Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, and their immediate families will be permitted to enter Australia.


Requirements to Travel from Australia

Before traveling to most countries, visitors are required to be fully vaccinated. They must have a negative COVID-19 test as well at the time of departure. Australian citizens can obtain international proof of COVID-19 vaccination certificate from the Federal Government.


You can download it in paper form or use a smartphone app. This app features a QR code which border authorities can scan to verify your vaccination status. Moreover, this app is compatible with COVID-19 travel apps, including the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass. According to Morrison, “more than half a million” have already downloaded this application.


No Quarantine Requirement in NSW

Vaccinated travelers will not be required to undergo quarantine in New South Wales. However, according to Scott Morrison, arrivals will still be capped in other states due to the vaccination levels in those places.


As a result of this, the resumption of international travel has been moved forward by 2 weeks in Qantas. As of November 1, Qantas will operate up to five return flights weekly from Sydney to London and up to four weekly flights from Sydney to Los Angeles.


Watch full video on this news: NSW to Open International Borders | No Quarantine Required on Arrival | Border Update.


International Travel ban to be lifted in Australia

The International Travel ban to be lifted in Australia from the 1st of November 2021. Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison has confirmed this news. According to him, Australians will be free to travel from Australia without the exemption. International traveling will be allowed to all Australians. However, only Australian permanent residents, citizens, and immediate family members will enter Australia.


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