Is Australia safer than America? - Staying in Australia

Is Australia safer than America? – Staying in Australia in 2021

Australia and the USA may share a similar language to communicate. There’re some significant differences between both of the countries. People worldwide choose developed countries like Australia and the United States of America for immigration. However, they always search for the safest place to move permanently. People often have queries such as “Is Australia safer than America’’.


Many developed countries like Australia, Belgium, Canada, America and France. These countries are popular for their high standard of the living, strong economy and best education system. The facilities in developed countries persuade people to move there permanently. However, Australia and America are the top developed countries where people want to migrate.


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According to the analysis made in 2019, Australia, GDP was around $1,396.57 billion. Its GDP per Capita was $55,057.2 in 2019. Australia is one of the most prosperous nations in Asia-Pacific. It has had the fastest growing economy for over 20 years. In comparison, the USA’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was worth $21,433.23 billion in 2019. The United States of America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world as measured by its total GDP.


What it’s Like to Stay in USA?

USA receives thousands of visa applications from around the world each year. Many people choose to live in the USA for its high-quality educations system. The living standards in the USA and work opportunities attract immigrants to live there permanently. The United States of America has a strong economy. It offers many work opportunities to highly skilled employees.


America has always been a dream place to live for many people around the world. International students choose America’s education institutions to pursue higher studies. As America has one of the top universities and colleges.


USA offers internships and entry-level jobs to international students. In this way, students can get the experience to work in the USA and get permanently settled there. Students from other countries are subject to the same laws and protections as citizens of the United States. The American educational system is ideal for students who wish to study abroad. It features flexible methods of education and a continuous learning process for students in different fields of study.


Staying in Australia  

The Australian culture and environment tend to be very welcoming and safe. In terms of safety, Australia ranks among the best countries in the world. Several Australian universities are among the world’s top-ranked institutions. Australia has 43 universities in total. Six universities of Australia are ranked in the top 100 institutions worldwide.


Thousands of international students come to Australia each year to pursue higher education. International students can study in the well-known institutes of Australia. The Australian Government offers internships to overseas students so they can enhance their work experience.


Australia provides various visas to international applicants. These visas include Student Visa, Employer Sponsored Visa, Carer Visa, Visit Visa, Family Visa and many others. Applicants may choose a visa according to their circumstances. You can obtain an Australian visa if you meet its requirements and eligibility criteria.


Australia is home to a wide variety of cultures. Being a part of a multicultural society, it offers several benefits. It includes excellent culinary offerings, international public celebrations and an opportunity to learn multiple languages.


The Government of Australia provides equal rights to overseas people as well as Australian citizens. It offers work opportunities to skilled international employees in Australia. Highly skilled workers and overseas students may get a chance to work in Australian firms.


Australia offers Job Ready program for chefs, General Skilled Migration program and Trade courses. These programs help overseas applicants to learn industry-related skills and work in Australia as professionals. It offers skilled visas to skilled migrants, which may lead them to permanent residency in Australia.


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Is Australia Safer than America?

Australia and the United States have a lot of things in common. However, if we compare both of these countries, we’ll learn about the major differences between them.


To answer this question that, “Is Australia safer than America or not”,  here’re some key differences:

  • The crime rate in Australia is much lower than in the United States of America. As Australia ranks 47th while the USA ranks on 30th according to their crime rates. It is so rare for police officers to carry guns due to the low crime rate. All they have are batons. It will be on the news for days if anyone gets killed by police in Australia. That’s how Australia is a very safe place to live.
  • The public infrastructure of Australia is even better than America and Europe. The Australian Government plays a significant role in maintaining the public infrastructure and public monuments. For instance, Sydney Opera House is the world’s most complex contemporary infrastructure.
  • The Australian Government priorities its country over other countries. It makes decisions for the betterment of Australia. There’s more transparency and accountability in the Australian Government than in the United States of America.
  • The average hourly income for employees in Australia is around 44 AUD. In contrast, the average income of American employees is 11.26 U.S dollars per hour. The skilled employees get numerous opportunities to work in Australia. They get a chance to improve their skills by working in Australian firms. Further, they earn a tremendous amount of money in their field of occupation.
  • Australia has a high-quality education system. It offers different study programs and trade courses to get PR in Australia. Furthermore, the Australian education institutes have a well-trained staff for students. International students can learn from Australian institutes and then earn from the renowned organizations of Australia.



Australia and the USA are some of the best countries in the world. People choose these countries for their high standards of living. However, people are mainly concerned about safety issues. They usually have a question that, Is Australia safer than America or not’. People compare both of these countries to know that where they can move permanently. However, apart from the similarities, some major differences make Australia a better option.


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