Skilled Migrants & International Students Return to Australia - News 2021

Skilled Migrants & International Students Return to Australia – News 2021

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has hinted at the possibility of reopening international borders by the end of 2021. According to Scott Morrison, Australian citizens and permanent residents who want to return home will be prioritized and then Skilled Migrants and  International Students Return to Australia.


To reassure all those stuck outside Australia, the Prime Minister announced that the Australian Government would prioritize the return of three cohorts once the international travel ban is lifted by the end of this year.


Key Points by Scott Morrison on Skilled Migrants and  International Students Return to Australia:

According to Scott Morrison, the Australian Government will be;

  • Prioritizing the Australian citizen then Skilled Migrants and  International Students Return to Australia.
  • Until next year, visitors to Australia will not be allowed to enter Australia.
  • Travel and re-entry may be permitted for fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents of Australia who have reached the 80% milestone for double vaccination.

He stated that Australian citizens and residents who’re vaccinated and registered with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) would be given the top priority.


Statements by Scott Morrison

In a virtual press conference with the Indian Media, he stated that;


“Having a vaccinated population particularly when we hit 80 per cent that means Australia will be able to open up, begin opening up to international travel again and there are three priorities; the first one is, of course, for Australians around the world to be able to come home if they are vaccinated and not be subject to any caps at our airports.”


As far as getting Australians home, Scott Morrison expressed that India remains the “biggest activity area.” Since March 2020, almost 26,500 Australians stuck in India have returned home. On the other hand, more than 10,000 were still stuck in the South Asian nation.


Skilled immigrants and International Students return to Australia gradually. However, tourists won’t be allowed to visit Australia until 2022. Mr. Scott Morrison said that once the Australians get back to the country, the government would allow skilled migrants and international students to return.


He added that;


“I think we will have to work through the priorities of Australian residents and citizens, skilled migrants and International Students return to Australia. I think they are our priorities, and then next year, I think we will be able to move to that (tourists returning). I hope we can, but we have just got to take this one step at a time.”


Speaking about India specifically, Scott Morrison said that;


The vaccination rates in India are pretty encouraging and they have a got a very, very good vaccine which is also great, so I think that gives us a lot of opportunities going into next year.”


Outbound Traveling 

Mr. Scott Morrison has stated that the Australian Government had prepared the system so Australian residents and citizens can return to states with 80% coverage of double dose vaccination. In his view, New South Wales will be the first state to make overseas flights possible for its citizens and residents.


He stated that;


“My intention is for Australian citizens, residents who are vaccinated in a state that has gone into Phase C – 80% vaccination – so you will be able to travel to India and return. I hope to see that this year.”


International Students & Skilled Migrants will be prioritized | Border Opening


Skilled Visas in Australia

International students and skilled migrants may apply for Australian Skilled visas. However, they must have the skills and work experience to apply for Skilled visas in Australia. The Australian Government offers 3 different visas to skilled migrants. They include;


Skilled-Independent visa (subclass 189)

It’s a points-based visa that allows skilled migrants to live permanently in Australia. Applicants for subclass 189 don’t need sponsorship from Australian employers. It costs around AUD 4,115. Skilled employees under 45 years may apply for subclass 189.


Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

This visa allows international students and skilled migrants to live and work in Australia. The Australian state/territory government must nominate applicants. Skilled Nominated visa also allows people to sponsor their family members to visit Australia. However, applicants must score at least 65 points in the General Skilled Migration points test to apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa in Australia.


Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 491)

People who want to live and work in regional Australia may apply for the Skilled Regional Visa. It allows people to stay for 5 years in Australia. Moreover, they can also apply for the Australian permanent residency after spending 3 years on subclass 491 in Australia.


If you want to apply for the General Skilled Migration Visas, book your appointment with our registered consultancy firm!


Covid-19 Restrictions in Australian States

According to Australian laws regarding Covid-19 restrictions, people must keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters away from each other. A wide range of Covid-19 testing services is now available throughout Australia. Contact your doctor if you have flu or cold symptoms, or call the Coronavirus Health Information Hotline at 1800 020 080.


You can download COVIDSafe, an application that tracks Coronavirus outbreaks, from the app store on your phone.



The Australian Government has declared Skilled Migrants & International students Return to Australia. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that they’ll gradually return to Australia after Australians make their way home. However, tourists won’t be allowed to enter Australia before 2022. Furthermore, there’re some Covid-19 restrictions still in place which people are required to follow.


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