Partner Visa 820 Checklist Perks - Processing Time - Eligibility Requirements

Partner Visa 820 Checklist – Perks of Having a Partner Visa

Do you want to live with your partner or spouse in Australia? Then you should apply for the Partner Visa 820. Here’s all that you need to know about the Partner visa 820 checklist to lodge your visa application.


What is a Partner Visa?

A Partner visa 820 is a temporary visa that allows people to live with spouses or de facto partners in Australia. You can apply for this visa if your partner is an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.


Applicants have to pay AUD 7,850 to submit their application for visa 820. This is an onshore Partner Visa; therefore, applicants must apply for this visa while residing in Australia. It allows people to stay in Australia until their permanent Partner visa gets processed.


While your permanent Partner visa (subclass 801) gets finalized, the Australian Government allows you to live, study and work in Australia. Moreover, if you’re an eligible holder of a Partner visa 820, you can enroll in the free English language classes arranged by the Adult Migrant English Program in Australia.


Partner Visa 820 Checklist 

If you’re planning to apply for the Partner Visa 820, you must have all the required documents to submit your application. Visa applications with complete documents are likely to be approved quickly by the Department of Home Affairs.


Here’s the Partner Visa subclass 820 checklist, which needs to be considered before you apply for it.

  • Birth certificate
  • 2 passport size photos
  • National identity card
  • Provide evidence that your spouse or de facto partner is an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or an eligible citizen of New Zealand
  • Marriage certificate if the applicant is married
  • If you’re in a de facto relationship with your partner in Australia, you need to provide documents to prove it.
  • Health and character certificates
  • Police certificates
  • If the applicant has ever served in the military force of any country so, he’s required to submit the military service records.


Eligibility Requirements of Visa 820

You can apply for the temporary Partner visa 820 if you’re able to fulfill its requirements and satisfy the eligibility criteria.


They include,

  • You must be living in Australia while applying for subclass 820.
  • Your relationship should be genuine with your spouse or de facto partner who’s an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.
  • If your family members are applying with you for subclass 820, they should also be staying in Australia.
  • You must have sponsorship from your spouse or de facto partner in Australia.
  • You must be 18 years of age or above to apply for the Partner Visa.
  • You should be free from all debts from the Government of Australia.
  • You must meet the requirements of Partner Visa 820 Checklist


Partner Visa 820 Processing Time

75% of applications for Partner Visa 820 take 24 months to be processed. Whereas the Department of Home Affairs processes 90% of applications within 31 months.


All applications should be fulfilling the eligibility requirements. They must follow the Partner Visa 820 Checklist and submit all the required documents. Moreover, applications must be reviewed before submission. As DOHA quickly processes the visa applications, which are submitted correctly with complete documentation.


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How Much Does a Partner Visa (Subclass 820) Cost?

The main applicants are required to pay AUD 7,850 to apply for subclass 820. This cost is for Temporary Partner Visa 820 and Permanent Partner Visa 801 both. However, if your family member is applying with you for a Partner visa so, there’ll be separate charges. Further, applicants have to pay additional charges for health checks, biometrics and police certificates.


Perks of Having a Partner Visa 820

The Australian Government offers many advantages to Partner visa holders in Australia, which include,

  • You can live, study and work in Australia until you get your permanent Partner visa 801.
  • You can travel from and to Australia as many times as you want.
  • You can attend the free English classes from the Adult Migrant English Program.
  • You can also apply for Australian citizenship under the Partner Visa 820.



The Australian Government has introduced the Partner Visa for people who want to reside in Australia with their partners or spouses. You can live with your de facto partner or spouse who must be an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. To obtain your Partner Visa 820, you must provide complete and accurate information on your visa application to fulfill your Partner visa 820 Checklist.


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