Latest NSW Skilled Occupation List 2021-22 | Subclass 491 & 190 visa

Latest NSW Skilled Occupation List 2021-22 | Subclass 491 & 190 visa

Australia is a dream place and the most preferred country for people all around the world. International students and skilled employees choose Australian states to migrate permanently. They prefer Australia to build a career.  People often consider the Australian Immigration process as the toughest and complicated thing in the world. To support the overseas employees in Australia, ANZSCO has updated NSW Skilled Occupation List.


The NSW occupation list 2021 for Skilled Nominated Visa 190 is published by the ANZSCO unit group. Applicants who want the invitation for the Visa 491 qld are required to have a skills assessment in a particular occupation within the ANZSCO unit group.


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However, it’s a very simple process as long as you have the accurate information for applying. If you apply for Australian Migration at the right time and with the right understanding so you can easily get the process done. You can also apply for an Australian PR or the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa 491 after meeting all the requirements.


NSW Skilled Occupation List 2021


The Government of New South Wales (NSW) nominates the highly skilled migrants in the NSW Skilled Occupation List who wants to build a strong career in Australia. These professional and skilled immigrants can apply for the NSW nomination to get the Skilled Nominated visa (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 190).


Latest Update on Subclass 491 and 190 visa

The NSW Skilled Occupation List contains a huge number of highly skilled occupations which is officially published for Subclass 491 and Visa 190. Before the launch of the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190), there were no requirements to be occupied in Australian industries. However, this policy has been eliminated now.


In this NSW Skilled Occupation list, The Government of New South Wales (NSW) will consider the applicants who’re employed in the closely or nominated fields. Moreover, they must be living in New South Wales (NSW) for the last 3 months. The NSW Government will consider and nominate them by thoroughly checking their evidence which may include their bank statement, tenancy agreement, utility bills, etc. Moreover, they’ll also confirm the information about your residence that if you’re actually living in New South Wales (NSW) or not.


Policies to Claim Points 

In past times, people weren’t necessarily required to provide their skill assessment for Australian work experience. They could claim their points with the help of their employer’s approval. However, this policy has been revoked now.


The Government of New South Wales (NSW) has clearly announced that IT or ICT workers have to assess their points on ACS. They claim their work experience if it has been approved by ACS. As there were many offshore and onshore clients who have made this mistake to claim the work experience which wasn’t even approved by ACS. Therefore, the NSW Government has declared that no matter if you’ve worked in a particular field, you can’t claim in it the Australian work experience if it’s not approved by ACS.


RDA for NSW Subclass 491

The Regional Development Australia (RDA) is an initiative by the Australian Government to develop the regional areas of Australia.


There are 13 RDAs in Regional South Wales. They have introduced stream 1, 2 and 3 for visa 491. Interestingly, stream 3 is very beneficial for people who’re outside New South Wales (NSW).


Stream 1

To be eligible for stream 1, you must be living in the designated regional area of New South Wales for the last 1 year. Likewise, you must be employed in a closely related or nominated occupation for the past 12 months. You should have a valid skills assessment as well for your nominated occupation which is displayed on the Stream 1 Combined NSW Skilled Occupation List.


However, the requirements for each occupation vary according to the RDAs. For instance, if you’re in Hunter so they might have the requirement of one year in the occupation you’re applying to. While it might be possible that Orana allows people with 3 or 6 months of experience to apply for a particular occupation.


Stream 2 

For stream 2, you must be living in the designated regional area of New South Wales (NSW) while completing your studies. You must be a graduate of Regional South Wales. However, it’s not necessary to complete all your education from the same Australian state. You can transfer to any designated regional area of NSW and can be considered as a Regional graduate.


For instance, if you have a 3-year course program and you completed one year in Sydney and two years in Regional South Wales so you can claim 5 points.


Furthermore, you must meet the eligibility criteria of Australian studies which are resolute by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA). Your studies must be completed within the last 24 months before you apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 491).


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Stream 3

Besides, you must be staying in any Australian state or territory while you apply for stream 3. Likewise, your occupation must have a skill assessment for any occupation which is a part of your Nominated Regions Occupation List.


There’s a piece of good news for people in Section 48 bar that they can also be nominated by the NSW Government. However, if they get they travel outside Australia after getting nominated and their Visa 491 gets expired so they’ll not be nominated again.


Stream 3 allows people from Sydney, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and any other Australian state to apply for Subclass 491. It all depends on your occupation, skills and your ability to meet the conditions for visa 491. Stream 3 will may require your area of qualification, your stay period and the demand for your skills in your designated regional area of NSW.



The NSW Government has updated the NSW 190 occupation list 2021 for visa 190 and 491. It has also introduced 3 streams for skilled migrants in the designated regional areas of New South Wales. Applicants who meet the requirements of any of the 3 streams will be nominated by the NSW government.


According to the NSW 190 latest update, the NSW government has announced to nominate the skilled people in August, October, January and March 2022 for Subclass 491. The Combined NSW 491 Occupation List 2021 is a huge list that consists of highly skilled occupations for skilled migrants from all over the world.


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