Boat Building Courses Melbourne - The Migration

Best Boat Building Courses Melbourne – The Migration

Australia is popular for its high-quality education system and great facilities of living for people all around the world. There’re 6 cities of Australia that rank among the top 40 cities in the world for providing the best lifestyle and other accommodations.


Melbourne is one of the best states of Australia which has the top educational institutes, the highest score for stability, healthcare, environment and culture. Students from all around the world apply for study programs and different courses to get settled in Australia. However, Boat Building Courses Melbourne is the most preferred course as they provide the best outcomes to international students in Australia.


Melbourne is a safe and lively city where overseas students can have a variety of study programs to build their careers. The Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction course has a great scope in Australia. Therefore, many international students choose Boat Building Courses Melbourne to become professionals and be a part of well-known Australian organizations.


Scope of Boat Building Courses for International Students

If you’re an international student and want to be settled in an Australian state then choosing the Boat Building course would be great for you.


The Boat Building Courses Melbourne prepares students to perform various tasks related to marine craft construction in Australian industries. It’s listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). International students get professional training under the world-class team of instructors who train them to work in different fields of the boat building industries in Australia.


Students will become highly qualified to produce the safety equipment, fittings, decking, frames, installing masts, collecting the shell of boats, erecting the hull sections of the ship, scale plans for cutting of hull sections and fabrication, preparation for templates, studying plans and other specifications. They become proficient to work in the marine craft industries after completing the boat building course in Australia.


Furthermore, by graduating in the Boat Building Courses Melbourne, students learn a wide range of technical skills and knowledge to be boat builders and repairers in Australian industries. Students get practical training and learn skills that are essential in the marine craft construction industries. The educational institutes organize different workshops equipped with advanced marine technologies. Therefore, students learn about new tactics and tools to be used in the profession of boat building.


Requirements for International Students 

There’re certain requirements that are applied to overseas students who want to study Boat Building Courses in Australia. They include,

  • International students must have scored 5.5 marks in IELTS for the English language.
  • They must be 18 years old while applying for the boat-building course in Australia.
  • Professional training of 360 hours is required for international students.
  • Overseas students must be graduated year 10 in their home country.


Educational Pathways

The Boat Builder and Repairer (399111) is on the Skilled Occupations List. The skills assessment for Boat Builders is provided via the Trade Recognition Australia (TRA). International students must qualify for the Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction to get the positive skills assessment as a Boat Builder.


Furthermore, if apply for the Job Ready Program so you will not need any sponsorship from your employer to study the Boat Building course. You’ll not be required to live in the regional area after participating in the Job Ready Program (JPR). Moreover, you don’t need to stay in the regional areas of Australia.


International students who participate in the Job Ready Program (JRP) will get the positive skills assessment for general immigration purposes in Australia. However, you must work for 12 months in Australia as an official boat builder on the Job Ready Program (JPR).


Assessment Process

The process for the Boat Building assessment in Australia has a few requirements which are as below.

  • Demonstration
  • Evidence of work observation
  • Knowledge tests
  • Online assessments
  • Projects


Income of Boat Builders in Australia

The average salary of boat builders employed in Australia starts from $47,230. They also get average bonuses of $638. However, fresh boat builders with 1 to 3 years of experience usually earn around $39,203. Whereas, experienced boat builders with more than 8 years of experience have an average salary of $56,018.


Career Outcomes for International Students 

The Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction provides various career opportunities to students from all around the globe. International students can work with the top-notch and well-known organizations of Australia. Boat Building is a vast field which has been developed strongly in the last 5 years. Moreover, the occupations for boat building are expected to grow even more within the upcoming 5 years.


Occupations for Boat Building Courses Melbourne 

International students will receive the MEM30705 Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction after completing the course successfully. Moreover, they can get into different fields of boat building to start their career in the Australian states. Students can choose the following occupations to build their careers in Australia.


  • Boat Repairer/Builder
  • Boat Builder and Repairer (Fibreglass & Moulding)
  • Boat Builder and Repairer (Aluminium Boats and Wooden)
  • Shipwright
  • Marine-Technician / Boat Rigger / Boat Builder


Fee Structure and Duration 

The Boat Building Courses Melbourne in Australia has yearly charges which start from $10,000 to $15,000. The period of this course is from 12 to 14 months.



Australia is a wonderful destination for living, studying and building a career for students all around the world. There’re different courses that help international students to learn new skills and work in the Australian industries. Moreover, many states in Australia offer trade courses to international students to start their careers in Australia.


Boat Building Courses Melbourne is one of the best courses which provides the required skills and learning to overseas students. International students can learn and enhance their abilities in the field of the boat building field. They can work in the recognized industries of boat building in Australia.


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