State Nomination South Australia

State Nomination South Australia New Requirements – July 2021

Skilled Migrants who fulfill the State Nomination South Australia requirements  will be eligible to apply for the nomination from Tuesday, 20th of July 2021. It’s very important that your nomination meets the eligibility criteria of the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) and fulfills the requirements of South Australia. If your nomination meets the South Australian requirements and follow the conditions by DOHA then you will get the approval from South Australia.


Focused Areas of Skilled Migration Program

The Skilled Migration Program of South Australia will be focusing on the following areas:


Talent and Innovators Program

Talent and Innovators Program offers various opportunities to skilled immigrants who play an important role in the critical priority sectors of South Australia. These skilled migrants include people who work for South Australian industries or own a business in any region of South Australia.


Currently working in South Australia (including long-term residents in SA)

You may get the concessions and wavier for the skilled work requirements if you live and work in South Australia. The long-term residents and people working in the outer regional South Australia can also be eligible to get the concessions to the skilled work experience requirements.


International Graduate of South Australia

The overseas students of South Australia can avail the additional wavier and concessions that can help them to be eligible for the state nomination of South Australia. South Australian students must be employed in the nominated occupation for the last 3 months after completing their course in South Australia.


State nomination will support international students to qualify for the Skilled Migration Visa by offering them additional points to their applications for Subclass visa 190 and Subclass visa 491.


Offshore Registration of Interest – Critical Skills

Many occupations related to trade and health will be available for overseas applicants. Each occupation has its specific conditions and requirements. Applicants can lodge an application for the Registration of Interest if they fulfill the criteria and requirements of their occupation.


South Australia is offering a wide range of programs for the skilled migrants of Australia. Furthermore, the Skilled buy levitra in Germany Occupation List has a number of occupations along with their requirements. Therefore, applicants can make a review of the requirements of occupations they want to choose. There’ll be an online process to submit applications which will be available from the 20th of July, 2021.


Skilled Migration Program

Skilled Migration Program aims to bring highly skilled migrants to Australia who can bring a positive change into the Australian economy. It targets the skilled people to contribute in the Australian industries and fill the positions where there’re no Australians available for specific occupations. People who want to live and work in Australia can apply for the Skill Stream of the Migration Program to get a Skilled Migrant Visa.


Requirements for State Nomination South Australia

There’re certain requirements of State Nomination South Australia which need to be fulfilled. They’re as below.


Residency Requirements 

  • State nomination is granted to people who’ve got a genuine interest to live and work in South Australia. It’s offered to selective people in order to meet the skills requirements for the State. When you submit your application so it shows that you genuinely want to live and work in South Australia for a long period.
  • If you’re in Australia and not currently living in South Australia so you can lodge you’re application via the Talent & Innovator Employment Stream.
  • If you’re outside Australia then check out the Skilled Occupation List to make sure if your occupation is available to overseas applicants. However, applicants from overseas can submit the Registration of Interest (ROI) Application.



Applicants must be under 45 years at the time of State Nomination South Australia.



Your occupation must be on the Skilled Occupation List of South Australia. While you must fulfill all the requirements for the occupation you choose.


NSW Latest List is OUT 2021-22 | Subclass 491 visa & Subclass 190


Skills Assessment 

  • Applicants must provide a valid and positive General Skilled Migration Skills Assessment from the relevant State Officials. Though, skills assessment should be for your nominated occupation in South Australia.
  • Skills assessment doesn’t remain valid all the time as it has a particular validity time. Therefore, make sure your skills assessment is valid at the time of state nomination. Moreover, state nomination must be granted within the last 3 years. The skills assessing authority must have provided a shorter validity date so the skills assessment will valid until that specific date.


Work Experience 

  • Applicants must fulfill the work requirements and eligibility for your selected occupation.
  • Skilled work experience must be commenced after completing the course study in Australia. This is a paid employment of 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight in the nominated or closely related occupation of applicants.
  • You may get wavier to the work experience requirement if you’re already working in South Australia.
  • The position should be paid at the most suitable rate of the skill level.
  • The employer must have a prominent presence in South Australia in order to get the South Australian work experience.
  • Work experience which is being performed at the residential area or office space for any employer which is outside of South Australia will be assessed according to the case.



  • You must meet the basic eligibility criteria of the English language which is required for your occupation in South Australia. You can take further guidance regarding the English tests from the Department of Home Affairs.
  • You must be proficient in English if you’re working in a skilled occupation in South Australia. Make sure to check your skills assessing authority before your apply. As some skills assessing authorities have higher requirements and criteria for the English Language.
  • If your occupation involves registration or licensing requirements in South Australia so make sure you meet the English language requirements set by the registration or licensing authorities to work in South Australia. However, occupations that have registration requirements include trades, health and education jobs. Furthermore, if your occupation in South Australia has higher requirements for the English language then you don’t need to fulfill those requirements if you’re registered to work in South Australia.
  • If you belong to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand or hold a passport of the United States then you’re not required to take the English language test.



  • Each occupation has different point’s requirements along with the State Nomination South Australia points on the Skilled Occupation List of South Australia.
  • Make sure you follow all the conditions and requirements of the Department of Home Affairs. Further, you must provide the documentation to support your points claim.



South Australia is an amazing place to live and work for people all around the globe. It offers great opportunities to the skilled migrants to build their careers in South Australia and be a part of its economy. Therefore, the Migration Program of South Australia has been designed for the skilled people who intend to stay and work in South Australia for the long term.


Original source of these State Nomination South Australia New Requirements: South Australia Migration


South Australia has set some requirements for its state nomination. The skilled migrants who can meet the requirements of state nomination South Australia can apply for this Skilled Migration Program.


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