Best Courses to get PR in Australia for International Students 2021

Best Courses to get PR in Australia for International Students 2021

If you want to study and live in Australia permanently then you’re at the right place. We’re about to discuss the best Best courses to get PR in Australia for International Students 2021. Australia is a dream place for everyone and people love to stay there. However, if you want to study or live in Australia then your dream can become a reality too. We’ll tell you about the best courses that will make pathways for you to live, study and work in Australia.


Firstly, you must have a genuine interest in the course which you want to study in Australia. You should enroll in a course that you’re passionate about. For instance, many students have an interest in studying Natural Sciences whereas some people prefer Social Sciences. There’re many options of courses to get PR in Australia so you can select the one which you find the most interesting.


Which courses are eligible for PR in Australia 2021 ?

There’re 5 best courses in Australia for overseas students which are highly in demand. These courses offer a pathway to permanent residency in Australia. International students who want to build a career in Australia can apply for trade courses.


So, here’s the PR list courses in Australia where you can apply to become a trade professional.


1. Engineering

If you want to study Engineering in Australia so you have to decide the branch of Engineering you’re interested in. Such as Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications, or Mechanical Engineering.


However, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Production and Plant Engineering are highly in demand in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. These departments have a great scope in Australian industries and the highest number of job openings. So, if you search for engineering jobs in Australia then you’ll get a lot of opportunities to start your career there in the Australian states.


Make sure you choose the accredited course. Engineering is an amazing field if you’re honestly interested in this field. It’s one of the best PR courses in Australia. You can get a chance to work in the large Australian industries. Furthermore, if you have done Bachelors’s from overseas then you can apply for further studies in Australia like Masters in Engineering. Or else, you can also apply for a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Australia.


2. Nursing and Healthcare Workers

Covid-19 Pandemic has badly affected all the countries, their economies and travel activities. Meanwhile, the health-related occupations and services got boosted as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. All the countries need healthcare services in the uncertain situations of Covid-19.


Likewise, Australia also needs healthcare workers and medical staff to help its residents to tackle this pandemic. Nursing is a challenging field so make sure you’re interested in it and want to build your career in this field in Australia. It’s one of the best course for PR in Australia. occupation of Nursing and Healthcare Workers is currently in demand in Australia. Australia needs medical staff for its healthcare centers and hospitals for the Covid-19 patients.


You can be a certified Nurse in Australia if,


  • You have studied registered nursing overseas then you can take the NCLEX and OSCE in Australia. This will help you complete your AHPRA registration and assessment which will assist you in the application process of permanent residency in Australia. You’re not qualified from overseas or if your diploma isn’t from another country then you can apply and study Bachelor of Nursing in Australia.


Moreover, many universities offer a Master’s degree in nursing as well so you can work as a registered nurse after completing your Master’s degree in Australia. You can also get permanent residency after completing your degree and starting your career in nursing in Australian healthcare departments.


3. Computer and Information Technology (IT)

Computer and Information Technology (IT) is a part of almost every industry in the world. It’s one of the best course for pr in Australia. Every business needs IT professionals to run its organization. All IT-related professions are in high demand and Australia is in desperate need of skilled IT professionals in its industries.


Many people received invitations from IT-related occupations, particularly in New South Wales (NSW). Australia needs a lot of development and growth in its IT industries. Therefore, international students who want to study IT can get lots of career opportunities in Australia.


Furthermore, Software engineering, Software Development, Cybersecurity Workers and Network Engineers and many other IT-related employments are highly in demand in Australia. Australia is also in need of IT professionals so there’s a golden chance for IT students to study and get professional experience in Australian businesses.


4. Social Sciences

The course of Social Sciences includes Social Workers, Community Workers, and Psychologists. People in these professions earn a good amount of money. However, there’re some important requirements and conditions by the Australian Government to enroll in this course.


You need to complete your Bachelor’s degree to be a Community Worker in Australia. As if you do a diploma so you will not be able to get a Temporary Graduate Visa. The diploma comes in the category of the short-term list. It comes in the category of Skilled Nominated Visa and Skilled Regional Visa. You can’t apply for the Independent Skilled Visa if you just hold a Diploma.


Social work is also a well-paid profession and studies in this field are highly in demand in Australia. Social sciences are among the highly recommended courses to get PR in Australia. You can apply to this course to build your career in Australia.


5. Accounting

In the past few years, Accounting has become quite unpopular among international students. There were some students who studied accounting however, they didn’t practice after completing their course.  It usually happens when students don’t have the interest to pursue a career in their field.


Therefore, it’s very important that you select accounting only when you’re interested in it. Accounting has a great scope in Australia and all around the world. It’s one of the best courses to get PR in AustraliaMoreover, it’s one of the highest-paid occupations in Australia. International students who have a passion to study accounting enroll in this course. As it provides various career opportunities and a chance to get permanent residency in Australia.


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Best Courses to get PR in Australia for International Students 2021:

These are different courses to get PR in Australia other than the above-given courses:


Trade Courses

Trade courses in Australia are quite popular as it covers Carpentry, Chef Jobs, Automative Mechanic, Panel beater, Electrician, Painter and many other fields. These are some of the best courses to get PR in Australia. 


Meanwhile, if you’re pursuing a degree in Australia so you might get TR Visa based on your degree program. Trade courses are a great source to learn and develop new skills. Therefore, if you want to develop and polish your skills so you should enroll in trade courses to get PR in Australia.



Many people complete their degrees however, they never work in their fields to improve their skills. You can’t get any benefit by studying in Australia unless you get the training in your field. They’re way cheaper than university qualifications. Australia has a high demand for skilled trade professionals. Trade courses provide a pathway to permanent residency in Australia. Trade professionals earn a high amount of money in Australia. Through trade courses, you get hands-on training related to your field.


Overseas students learn industry-related knowledge during a trade course to work in Australia. Trade courses help them start their own business in Australia by learning new skills. With trade courses, you can get practical training in a very short period. Trade courses prepare you to work in Australia as skilled professionals.


Some Other Trade courses in Australia:


Training in Relevant Field

It’s essential to get professional training in your relevant field to build your career in Australia. There’re medium to long-term trade courses in Australia which are always in high demand. Moreover, they provide many career opportunities to international students.


For instance, the construction industries in Australia are flourishing and Australia needs professional workers for its firms. The Construction Industry of Australia is boosting over time and it will need more skilled people to work in the future.


Hence, people who want to learn skills must study trade courses. Further, only studying the courses to get PR in Australia isn’t enough. You need to get professional training as well to be a permanent resident of Australia.


Courses to get PR in Australia – What to choose?

Choosing the right courses to get PR in Australia is very important for overseas students. You can go through all the information on courses offered by Australian universities. Further, you can consider studying the course in which you’re genuinely interested.


These trade courses not only have a great scope in Australia but also they can help you be a permanent resident of Australia. You can start your career by working in the well-known organizations of Australia.


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