International Students Arrival Plan Approved by the Commonwealth

International Students Arrival Plan Approved by the Commonwealth

South Australia’s pilot plan to bring international students back to Australia has been approved by the Federal Government. According to South Australian Premier Steven Marshall, the students’ arrival plan has the full support of the Federal Government. Prime Minister has announced in a press release about the approval of the pilot program by the Commonwealth.


Benefits of International Students to South Australian Economy

“International education is a significant part of South Australia’s economy, contributing over $2 billion in 2019, partly spent with our education providers such as schools and Universities, and also providing a boost to our retail, hospitality and tourism sectors,” Premier Steven Marshall said.


Steven Marshall has added that South Australia has become the first state to bring its international students back after this approval. According to sources, Steven Marshall was reported saying that international education is an important part of the Australian economy. As it has contributed over $2 billion to the economy of South Australia back in 2019.

Further, Premier Steven Marshall said that international students boost the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors of South Australia. He added that international students promote and contribute to the multicultural fabric of South Australia. They provide major benefits to the economy of South Australia, its CBD and the whole state.


“International students add so much to South Australia’s multicultural fabric along with the clear economic benefits for our CBD and our state overall, with every three students leading to the creation of one job – in 2019, almost 20,000 jobs were underpinned by international education, which is massive for our state.


According to the latest news, Steven stated that International education has underpinned more than 20,000 jobs back in 2019 which is a big achievement for South Australia. He further added that the health and well-being of South Australians are still their priority. There’re some more things that have to be done with the Commonwealth and education providers of South Australia.

SA Health and Police 

“The health and safety of South Australians is our number one priority. There is still more work to be done with the Commonwealth and education providers but it’s important to note that Professor Spurrier and her team at SA Health, along with South Australia Police, have been central to the formation of the plan, which meets all the necessary protocols required by the Federal Government.


He added that Professor Spurrier, her team at South Australia Health and the South Australian Police have played an important part to form the students’ arrival plan. This plan to bring international students back meets and fulfills all requirements and conditions by the Federal Government of Australia.


“It’s also important to note that no returning Australian will be impacted by the plan, as it will be done outside the current caps, and the institutions and students will bear the costs of flights and quarantine.”


Premier Steven Marshal said that the plan will not affect any Australian coming back to Australia. As the arrangements will be done outside the current caps. Moreover, the education providers, institutes and international students will pay the charges of their flights and quarantine in Australia.


Industry’s Stakeholders

“Industry has been key to this plan, and the South Australian community can be assured that expert advice from SA Health has informed the plan, in line with the same principles that has seen hundreds of seasonal workers arrive safely in South Australia,” Minister Patterson said.


The Minister for Trade and Investment of South Australia, Stephen Patterson said that the students’ arrival plan is the result of services by the industry’s stakeholders. As they’ve provided a safe and secure pathway to international students to come back to South Australia.


Minister Stephen Patterson added that industry has played a great role in the plan of bringing international students back to Australia. Furthermore, the students’ arrival plan has been formulated under expert advice from the Public Health Department of South Australia. As there’s a huge number of people who have arrived in South Australia safely under the rules by SA Health.


Flight Training Adelaide Approval

The Flight Training Adelaide site at Para field Airport in Australia has been officially approved. As it has successfully controlled the Covid-19 infections. Moreover, Flight Training Adelaide has provided a 14-days quarantine to international students. Likewise, they conduct the Covid-19 testing of students on daily basis.


The Commonwealth has a few conditions regarding the arrival of international students. One of the conditions was that the state borders will be opened for local flights and other traveling activities.



South Australia has become the first state to get international students back to the country. As the Commonwealth has approved the proposal of international students’ return to South Australia. The Federal Government has fully supported this plan as it’s going to benefit the South Australian economy.


The Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall has confirmed this news in a press release. Further, he talked about the importance of international students in the state economy. As the education economy of South Australia earns great profit from international education.


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