Supporting the safe return of International Students to NSW

The Covid-19 Pandemic has badly affected the international education system of Australia. International students can’t travel due to the travel ban on the Australian borders. Though, the Government of New South Wales (NSW) is planning the safe return of international students to NSW.



Updates on Student Return

According to the latest news, the NSW Government is making efforts to bring international students back to Sydney and New South Wales as soon as possible. It’s a top priority of the NSW Government to get international students back safely. The purpose of bringing international students back is to support the education system of New South Wales (NSW) that has been severely affected due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Furthermore, the NSW Government has to offer different study programs for students. International students play an important part in the education communities of NSW and other states of Australia. The Government of New South Wales (NSW) claims that it values its honorable students who socially and culturally contribute while living and studying in the state. Moreover, international students play a vital role in representing the Australian states to the world.


According to a report, there were two out of five international students who chose New South Wales for their studies back in 2019. The NSW Government plans and expects to welcome more international students in the future through its pilot program.


Importance of the NSW International Student Arrivals Plan

The strategy of bringing the international students back to New South Wales is important from many perspectives. The goal of the international students’ arrival plan by the NSW Government is to support the NSW economy and bring more international students to Australian states in the future.


Returning International Students to NSW

The purpose of the safe arrival of international students is to support the education sectors of New South Wales. According to the NSW Government, 38% of students chose to study in NSW. Furthermore, there were 47,000 international students on the 31st of May who wanted to come to NSW for their studies but couldn’t travel due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions.


As international students contribute to Australian states socially, economically and culturally while studying, and working in the country. So this plan will help international students to get back and contribute to the education communities in NSW.


The universities and other educational institutes have also updated the current students in NSW that they can continue to attend their on-campus and online classes.

A Safe Return Led by NSW Government

The international educational communities and other education institutes are joined with the NSW Government. The NSW Government ensures the international students that they will be able to get back to Australia when the Covid-19 situation will improve.


The Australian Government and NSW agencies are supporting this plan to get international students back. Further, the students arrival plan will get full funds from the NSW government and agencies for operational support.


The NSW Government states that it’s their priority to get the students back who were enrolled in NSW universities. They plan a safe return of students so that there’ll be a pathway to bring more international students in the future. Moreover, all the returning students will be approached by the universities in which they’re enrolled.

Australian Still Get Home First

New South Wales will accommodate the international students for their quarantine in the state. They’ll follow the same rules for health and quarantine which are set for the Australian citizens by the Government of Australia.


Though the Australian citizens will still be the priority in this industry-funded model. The Australians who want to return home will be given priority over international students.

Australia’s Safety is an Asset

Australia has a great advantage of its safety as its Covid-19 Pandemic response has been amazing. The NSW Government assures the international students and their families that they will experience the best time in New South Wales.


As Australia has a world-leading Covid19 safety, therefore, international students will surely have the best study experience in Australian states.  Moreover, Australia has many research-based institutions, best educational and training institutes that make it an impressive place to live and study.


Australia provides amazing opportunities for living, studying and making a career for international students. The number of students who come to NSW for higher studies gets increased every year. There’re 16% of international students who graduate from Australian universities call Australia their second home. Therefore, the NSW government supports international students to get back to New South Wales through its pilot program.

Supporting the NSW Economy

The economy of Australia has been severely disturbed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The education sector of Australia earns great profit from international students. As international students couldn’t travel to Australia, therefore, the country has faced a great loss in its economy.


New South Wales has lost one-third of its international students in 2021 due to Covid-19. The reason is that international students either preferred to study in their homeland or travel to other countries where international borders are open.


The education system of Australia has supported more than 95,000 jobs for international students before the pandemic. The economy of New South Wales has faced a loss of $5 billion in 2021 as international students couldn’t travel due to Coronavirus. Moreover, Australia will face more loss in its economy if the situation remains the same.


New South Wales has proposed a pilot program for the return of international students. This program aims to safely and return the international students who’re enrolled in NSW universities. According to the pilot program, 250 students will come initially. Later on, the number will increase to 500 international students by the end of 2021.


NSW government fully supports this pilot program for international students. New South Wales Health and Police has approved this proposal. However, the Australian Government will make final decision after the approving the pilot program.

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