How to Get PR in Australia with Student Visa?

How to Get PR in Australia with Student Visa?

Australia has always been a great place to live and study for students all around the world. Therefore, many students choose Australia for their studies and employment as well. Australia has top-class educational institutions and well-known organizations to work with. It offers the Australian Student Visa to international students who want to study in Australia. One of the major questions by students is How to Get PR in Australia with Student Visa or how do i become a permanent resident of Australia.


So, today we will answer this question with step by step procedure. The Australian Government provides numerous opportunities for international students to live, study and work in Australia. It also offers many visa facilities for people who want to migrate to Australia and need a permanent residency there.


How to get PR in Australia with Student Visa?

The Student Visa 500 allows international students to live and study in Australia for 5 years. You can work for 40 hours per week along with your studies in Australia. This visa permits the international students to be registered in any eligible course to study in Australia. However, studying in Australia can lead you to get PR in Australia.


You can apply for permanent residency within your stay period in Australia. You can also add your family member, partner, or parents to your application for PR in Australia. Home Affairs provides all instructions and information to start the process from student visa to pr. You must meet the criteria by Home Affairs to be eligible to get permanent residence in Australia. Though, if you’re confused about how to get PR in Australia with Student Visa, then you can book a consultation with us.


Who’s a Permanent Resident in Australia?

A permanent resident is a person who holds a Permanent Visa to stay in Australia. However, the permanent residents aren’t considered as citizens of Australia. The citizens of Australia can travel without any restrictions and visa boundaries. Whereas, the permanent residents have to travel according to their permanent visa requirements.


The permanent residents can get the medical health facilities by the Australian Government. They can travel to Australia as many times as they want according to the travel facilities of their permanent visa.


You can get PR in Australia by spending a certain period there. If you meet all the requirements and conditions by the Australian Government and laws then you may be granted a permanent visa.


Rights and Benefits for Permanent Residents

The Government of Australia provides many great opportunities and rights to permanent residents of Australia. They include traveling rights, voting rights, sponsoring family members, medical facilities and other benefits from the Australian Government.


Traveling Rights

The permanent residents of Australia can travel anywhere in the world if they have the authority on their permanent visas. They’re required to follow the travel conditions which are provided along with their permanent visa for Australia. Further, they need to show a permanent visa to travel from and to Australia.


Voting Rights

It’s the policy in Australia that permanent residents aren’t allowed to vote for the Australian Government elections. Though, people who were enrolled before 1984 in the British Subject may have the right to vote for the elections in Australia.


Registration in Medicare

If you’ve applied for permanent residency in Australia so you can avail all the medical and health services by the Government of Australia. You can have the access to public and government hospitals of Australia for free treatment, medicines and health insurance facilities.


Sponsorship for Family Members

The permanent visa holders can sponsor their family members to visit Australia such as parents, partner/spouse, dependent child or any other relatives. They can sponsor their family members to live permanently in Australia. However, you have to meet the basic conditions and requirements of the Australian Government before you sponsor any of your family members.



If a permanent visa holder has spent 4 years in Australia or more than that so he can be eligible to be an Australian citizen. He can get many other facilities and benefits along with permanent citizenship in Australia. For instance, if he gets Australian citizenship so he can enroll himself to vote in the Australian Government elections. He’ll be allowed to travel without any visa restrictions to approximately 181 different countries in the world.


Eligibility Requirements for PR in Australia

Home Affairs has set specific criteria to apply for permanent residence in Australia. If you want to know how to get PR in Australia with Student Visa, you must;


  • Be under 45
  • Have qualified for the English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or any other test equivalent to them.
  • Be a part of Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), or the Regional Occupation List (ROL).
  • Meet all the health and character requirements by the Australian Government
  • Evaluate the skills according to the educational and work experience by providing the required documents.
  • Must score 65 marks under the Point’s Grid to be eligible for PR in Australia.



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How to Apply for Australian Residency from Other Countries

If you want to know how to get PR in Australia with Student Visa from other countries so, the process is the same. Here’re a few steps which include;


  • You can choose your occupation from the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).
  • Meet the point’s requirements according to your country’s point’s calculator.
  • Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select.
  • Get your Invitation to Apply (ITA) and provide all the necessary documentation to apply for permanent residency in Australia.
  • Submit your permanent residency application.
  • Provide your medical and health clearance.
  • You may receive your Permanent Residency to move to Australia after providing all necessary documents and meeting the requirements.



Australia is a dream place for many students around the world. A huge number of students come to Australia for higher studies. The Australian Government provides amazing opportunities and visa facilities to international students who want to study in Australia. International students can apply for Student Visa 500 to live and study in Australia.


Furthermore, the Australian Government offers facilities to permanent residents. International students can apply for PR within their stay period in Australia. They can also sponsor their family members to come to Australia. PR for students in Australia can be easy if they meet visa conditions by Home Affairs. So, if you need more information on how to get PR in Australia with Student Visa then you can book a consultation with us right now.


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