When will Australia open its borders for international students?

When will Australia open its borders for international students? – New Changes 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has prominently affected the whole world and paused all travel activities. The Government of Australia has banned all borders for international students until the situation gets better. International students are stuck outside Australia and not able to travel to complete their studies. They’re waiting for Government orders regarding travel activities and flights.


However, if you’re one of the international students who’re waiting for the border to reopen then there’s exciting news for you. The Government of Australia has decided to resume international flights through Pilot Program. International students will be able to travel to Australia in 2021 hopefully.

Segments of Australian Borders for International students

Though, there’re three main segments according to which the borders will be opened for specific people. They include local borders for residents of Australia, international borders for Temporary Visa Holders and Borders for International students.

Local Borders

Local borders will be reopened for the vaccinated persons living in Australia. They’ll get the exemption to travel from Australia and will not need to quarantine themselves.

International Borders

The Government of Australia is planning to reopen international borders in 2022 as most of the people will be vaccinated at that time. Moreover, the Covid-19 situation will be better and traveling might be risk-free hopefully. People who hold Temporary Visa will also be able to travel from and to Australia in the next year.

Borders for International Students

According to recent statements by the Government, international students will be able to travel and continue their studies in Australia in 2021. The Government has said that students and their future is its first priority. Many reputable states, northern territory governments, factional groups, university bodies and other educational institutes have suggested introducing Pilot Programme to bring international students back to the country.

Pilot Programme Updates

The Government is introducing a Pilot Programme under which specific students with a limited number will be able to travel to Australia. According to the Government, they were going to bring 70 international students to Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory back in October 2020.


The plan couldn’t succeed due to the travel restriction policies and strict international caps in Australia. However, the government has announced a second pilot programme for international students to bring them back to Australia. According to the Government, the students will be brought back by following all the SOPs. Moreover, the students will quarantine for two weeks after arriving in Australia.

Number of International Students

The education sector of Australia earns a lot from international students. There’s a huge number of worldwide students who come to Australia for studies every year. However, the international students haven’t been able to travel to Australia for the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Though here’s a list of countries whose students come to Australia every year.

  • China is on the top as 205,189 Chinese students come to Australia for studies and other courses.
  • India has 89,570 students who travel to Australia for higher education.
  • Nepal has 43,021 students.
  • 26,620 students come from Brazil.
  • Approximately 26,085 students come from Malaysia.
  • 24,131 students are from Vietnam.
  • 21,799 students come from the Republic of South Korea.
  • Thailand has around 18,014 students.

Source: Wikipedia

Confirmation of Students Return

The Australian Government has announced and gave hope to international students for their return to Australia in 2021. However, it’s not finalized yet that what kind of students will be included in the Pilot Programme to bring back to Australia. The government hasn’t specifically explained that whether the university students will be arriving, college students or international students will be brought back through the Pilot Programme.


Furthermore, it also has to be decided which countries will be included to bring the international students to Australia. Many students are attending their classes online due to the travel ban in Australia. There’s no certain announcement about whether the students with particular courses are included or students who’re taking online classes will be coming or not.


It might be possible that the Government will start from the first-tier countries such as Korea, Singapore and Thailand. The government has given hope and encouraged international students through its latest announcement. According to the latest news, students will hopefully get back to Australia in 2021 and will be able to continue their studies.


However, the implementation of these statements and the further process will be decided later in the upcoming days.

Will Australia open borders for International Students in 2021?

The Australian borders for international students are going to reopen soon in 2021  that were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the Government of Australia, they’re going to introduce a Pilot Programme which will include a limited number of international students from different countries.


Moreover, they’ll also allow the Temporary visa holders and the vaccinated persons to travel from and to Australia. It’s expected that international students will be able to travel in 2021 according to the government. However, the students have to wait for the final decision and implementation of these announcements for few more days.


Solid Plan for International Student Return to Australia | BIG NEWS


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