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Federal Budget 2021-22 – All changes in Migration.

Recently,  Australia has given immediate notice of the Federal budget 2021-22 for its members. However, they introduced a few changes in the migration processes and visas.

Latest News

The Government of Australia has introduced the new federal budget of 2021-22. According to this budget, the Migration Program planning level for different visas will be for a maximum of 160,000 people. They include:


Family and Skilled Stream

The Family and Skilled stream is a compilation of Partner Visas, Parents Visas, Child Visas and other family visas. These visas help to unite the offshore people to their family members in Australia. They can use these visas to travel and stay with their parents, partner, or other relatives in Australia. Moreover, the family and skilled stream provides an access to people who want permanent residency in Australia.


According to the federal budget 2020-21, there are 77,300 places allocated for the Family and Skilled stream. It encourages the onshore visa applicants to sponsor their family members outside Australia to come and stay with them either permanently or temporarily.


Skilled Visas

Most of the places consist of the Skilled Visas which are provided to skilled people who want to migrate to Australia and settle there permanently. There are 79,600 places allocated for the Skilled Visa Program. It’s specially designed to make the Australian economy better and fill all vacancies in the labor market with highly skilled people.


The Government of Australia has intended to sponsor the skilled migrants who apply to the Business Innovation and Investment Program, Employer Sponsored Program, and Global Talent Visa Cohorts.


Humanitarian Program

According to the federal budget 2021-22, the humanitarian program will be allocated in 13,750 places.


Net Overseas Migration (NMO)

It was recently predicted that Net Overseas Migration (NMO) is likely to fall from 154,000 people in 2019-20 to 72,000 people by the end of 2020-21. Moreover, it might be increased later to 201,000 people in 2023-24.


New Announcement for Visas

The extension of validity time for Sponsored Temporary Parent Visas is announced. As the validity period will be extended for more than 18 months. This policy is introduced for people who can’t travel to Australia due to the ongoing situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Global Talent Visas

According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), it will administer the offshore investors for fast-track tax advice. Likewise, it’ll give relaxation to pay the residency taxes in Australia. Furthermore, as soon as the Covid-19 situation becomes better then there’ll be a streamline of visas especially designed which will be offered to the highly skilled people.


On the other side, the Global Talent Taskforce will target and provide its visa services to the skilled applicants who apply for the Global Talent Visa Program.


Temporary Visa Holders

The validity period of the Temporary Activity Visa has been extended from 28 days to 90 days before the expiration of the current visa. So the Temporary Visa holders can apply for Temporary Activity Visa 90 days before their current visa gets expired.


Student Visa Holders

This Government of Australia will support the employers of Tourism and Hospitality Sectors to find skilled people. It will provide Student Visas to skilled migrants to work for 40 hours as long as they’re hired in the Tourism or Hospitality Sectors in Australia.


Other Programs


Pacific Labor Mobility

In April 2020, many visas got extended for pacific workers who work in the Seasonal Worker Programme and Pacific Labour Scheme due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. It has to be done to enable people to keep working in regional Australia.

Supporting Migrant and Refugee Women

The Government has announced to provide funding to the migrant and refugee women in Australia. The main purpose of this initiative is to support social and economic activities. The government will give funds to the nine Community and Women’s Legal Centres all over Australia. It aims to help women who’re struggling to earn and surviving in this pandemic.


The government will provide the Temporary Visa Holders Payment Pilot with $10.3 million from 30 June 2022 to 2023. Further, this whole process will be managed by the Australian Red Cross.


The Temporary Visa Holders Payment Pilot will offer $3,000 to highly skilled temporary visa holders. It will help them to bear their expenses such as food, medical care, accommodation and utility bills.


Immigration Detention – Christmas Island

This program is introduced to deport the illegal non-citizens of Australia. The Government of Australia will be offering $464.7 million from 2020 to 2021. It aims to increase the abilities of the Immigration Detention Network in Australia and the use of the North West Point Immigration Detention Centre on Christmas Island.


New Model for Adult Migrant English Program

The Government of Australia has recently announced to introduce a new delivery model for the Adult Migrant English Program. It will be presented on the 1st of July 2023 in Australia. The purpose of this initiative is to improve the English Language and make the employment history better for offshore and onshore students.


Moreover, there’ll be no restrictions to work for only 512 hours. The migrants can study for as long as they learn professional English.


Other Updates

  • The Government of Australia hasn’t announced anything related to visa application charges.
  • There’s no announcement related to the international students in the federal budget of 2021-22.
  • It’s expected that the economic growth rate of Australia will be increased by 4%.
  • There has been a loss in the income of the Department of Home Affairs from $3,015.8 million in 2020–21 to $2,945.5 million in 2021–22.
  • The Government will be offering $14.2 million in 2021-22 to create a strategy for the upcoming generation who’ll work in civil maritime surveillance in Australia.
  • The Government will send funding to the Global Service Centre so they can respond to industries, individuals and businesses. These include inquiries related to visas, citizenship, trade and customs.



This Federal Budget 2021-22 covers all migration and visa programs under which selective and skilled people can apply to avail their services. It includes Family Visas, Skilled Visas and Humanitarian Program that’ll be placed for skilled candidates.


Moreover, the Government is also planning to provide funding to migrant women, pacific workers and student visa holders to help them cope up with the ongoing situation of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Though, if you still need any assistance regarding any visa program so you can consult with us. We’re providing all details about visa and migration programs and how you can apply for them.



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