Travel Restrictions and Exemptions | Travel from India

Travel Restrictions and Exemptions | Travel from India

As the Covid-19 pandemic is still spreading all over the world, therefore, the borders are closed to stop the spread of this deadly virus. All flights to Australia are temporarily banned and no one can travel to Australia unless you’ve been provided with an individual exemption. The main purpose of the travel restrictions is to stop the rate of Corona cases and deaths.


The third wave of Covid-19 is too dangerous so, the Government of Australia has imposed travel restrictions to control the situation. You can get all the latest updates related to the travel restrictions and process from Furthermore, you can get more information and guidance about transiting through Australia.


Exemption Requests from Travel Restrictions to Travel from India

India is currently a high-risk country due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The situation is getting worse in India. Therefore, all countries have travel restrictions from and to India. The ABF Freight is currently not providing any travel exemptions to people who’re staying in India.


The Government intends to stop the rapid increase of Coronavirus cases in the country. As soon as the situation gets better, the travel restrictions will be lifted hopefully.

Temporary Visa Holders

People who have a Temporary Visa can leave Australia anytime they want. However, once they leave, they’ll not be allowed to travel back to Australia until the situation becomes better.

Classifications of Exemption

There are few conditions under which you can travel to Australia or you can be exempted from the travel restrictions. They’re:

  • If you’re an Australian citizen
  • Permanently live in Australia
  • You’re a close family member of a citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Any New Zealand citizen who lives in Australia or his family members
  • If you’re staying in Australia or New Zealand for 14 days or more immediately before arrival by air in Australia
  • Any diplomat who’s accredited to Australia along with his family members. However, his family members must have a valid subclass 995 visa.
  • You’re moving to Australia for 72 hours or less than that
  • Staff members and crew of airline, maritime and marine pilots
  • You’re a Government employee and work in the Seasonal Worker Program or Pacific Labour Scheme
  • You hold a Business Innovation and Investment Visa
  • You want to move to Australia to stay with your partner, parents, or any other relative so you have to provide the related evidence to the Department. It includes your marriage certificate, shared properties and other documents.


You can request the individual exemption if you’re not in any of the exemption categories. Moreover, you can collect the evidence and submit it to the department if you meet the exemption categories.

Individual Exemptions

The Australian Border Force Commissioner and lawmakers provide an individual exemption under some conditions. They include:

  • If you’re a foreign national and invited by the Government of Australia or any state or territory government authority to visit Australia and help in the Covid-19 response.
  • You’re a foreign national who’s coming to Australia for its national interest and have the complete support of the Australian Government or state or territory government authority.
  • You belong to a medical organization and want to provide critical medical services, such as air ambulances, medical evacuation and other special medical equipment.
  • You’re a foreign national who possess critical skills or a staff member of a critical sector in Australia.
  • If you’re a foreign national and your employer has sponsored you to work in Australia in the job sector which is on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).
  • If you’re a member of military personnel or someone who belongs to the Status of Forces Agreement, Commonwealth Armed Forces, Asia Pacific Forces and Status of Armed Forces Agreement.
  • You live on the boats and looking for a safe seaport to supply any medical equipment and have the strong support of the Government.
  • You’re a student and completing your 11th and 12th with the support of the federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) or support from the relevant Australian State or Territory Government Health Authority and Education Department.
  • You’re in the final two years of your degree associated with the medical, dental, nursing or health profession university. Or else if you’ve got job evidence in the Australian hospital and medical care which is going to be started within two months.
  • You’re traveling due to an emergency.


You should have the visa and individual exemption to Australia’s travel restrictions before traveling to Australia. It’s very important to provide complete and valid evidence to get the exemption. Furthermore, your documents must be translated into English.


You need to submit your request for exemption two weeks before traveling to Australia. The request should include some important information which includes:

  • Your details such as your name, date of birth, visa type and number, passport number.
  • Your permanent residential address and contact number in Australia.
  • The evidence of people or employers who’re accompanying you.
  • A valid reason that why do you need the exemption.

Compassionate & Compelling Reasons for Traveling

If your family member is in a critical condition or you need to travel to Australia due to the death of your relative then you can get the exemption. These are the compassionate and compelling reasons for which the Commissioner of the Australian Border Force can provide you the exemption.


Submit your evidence that should support your claim. Make sure you’ve got the visa and exemption to Australia’s travel restriction before you travel. Travel applications for compassionate and compelling reasons are processed quickly as compared to other applications.


Online Application for Exemption

You can apply through the Online Exemption Portal and request an individual exemption to Australia’s travel restrictions. The exemption application usually proceeds within 7 days. However, the complex application may take time to be finalized.


You must hold a visa before applying for the exemption, have all the documents, valid reasons to apply and testimonials that support your claims.


  • Proof of identity
  • Evidence that you hold a valid visa
  • Travel itinerary
  • Marriage, birth, death certificate/s
  • Clear evidence of shared properties or finances
  • Letter from a doctor or hospital which shows that why travel is important
  • Letter from an employer that indicates why it’s important to travel
  • A letter from a business or government organization that advises why your skills are important
  • Legal evidence to support your claims.


However, if you get the exemption so it doesn’t mean that you will get a flight right away. It may take time to process. Furthermore, you can only make one request at a time as duplicate requests will be rejected or take time to proceed.


If you have the individual exemption for traveling so you need to take the exemption evidence to the airport. Though, if you couldn’t get the exemption then you must not be traveling as you will not be allowed to book any flight.


The Government of Australia has strictly banned all flights and put travel restrictions to control the deadly Coronavirus. The restrictions may be lifted once the situation gets better however, there’s are no chances of lifting traveling to Australia.


Though, people with exemption can travel to Australia under few conditions which are mentioned in the article descriptively. You can also get the exemption to travel to Australia if your loved one is suffering from a disease or has died. People can apply for the individual exemption and submit all evidence to support their claims for traveling.


If you want to go to your relative, parents or partner in Australia then you can apply for the Visit Visa. Moreover, if you want to study in Australia and have complete support from the federal Department of Education so you can also request a Visit Visa.


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