Skilled Migration Programs | Migrate to South Australia

Skilled Migration Programs | Migrate to South Australia

If you’re planning to study, work or migrate to South Australia then apply to one of these Migration programs provided by the Department of Home Affairs. South Australia offers the best opportunities and reliable facilities for people to move there. As the current situation of the world is unpredictable due to Covid-19. Travel activities and flights might get closed anytime because of the unpredictable situation.


However, the condition in South Australia is still better than in other regions. The travel restrictions have been released in SA for some countries along with some rules. People flying to South Australia have to quarantine until they test negative. Moreover, people who have been considered as high risk will quarantine for complete 14 days.


The Government of South Australia offers many programs related to studying and business migration. It gives new opportunities to people who want to move there permanently or temporarily. Moreover, it gives new ideas about starting a career or migrate your business there.


South Australia is currently offering the Skilled Migration Program, Talent and Innovators Program, Business Innovation and Investment Program. So, if you want to join any of these programs then have a look at what they have to serve.

Skilled Migration Program

The Skilled Migration Program by South Australia is valid for those who want to migrate to Australia permanently. The migrants can take part in the Australian economy and are generally hired on different positions where no Australians are currently working.

Latest Update

The Skill Occupation List of Australia gets reorganized every day so, you have to keep a check on them on regular basis. You can see the eligibility criteria and other requirements to apply for specific employment.


The candidates can apply within 8 to 10 weeks for the Skilled Migration Program in South Australia. Whereas, the processing time for people applying for critical sector employment is 2 to 6 weeks. Furthermore, the applicants have to meet certain requirements by the state to be nominated.


If they successfully meet the requirements so, they can apply to the Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Department of Home Affairs SkillSelect System. South Australia will nominate you when you choose to mention its name in the SkillSelect System.


The SkillSelect system is a point-based test in which you have to score 60 marks minimum. You have to meet the eligibility criteria to get the SkillSelect visa in South Australia.

Talent and Innovators Program

 South Australia offers this program to people who want to migrate to Australia and work in its priority sectors. These are four sectors where the migrants can apply in South Australia.

  1. Employment stream for the people working in South Australian Stream
  2. Independent Talent Stream for those who are looking for state nomination
  3. High Performing Graduation Stream for the applicants who are graduated from the South Australian Institution
  4. Start-up and small business stream for the migrant businessmen who have moved their business to South Australia

Latest Update

The candidates are supposed to fulfill the requirements of the Department of Home Affairs. After meeting the requirements the applicants can provide the Expression of Interest through the Skilled and Business Migration Portal. South Australia will review your Expression of Interest application. They will contact you for the further procedure if your application gets approved.


However, the Talent and Innovators program is unavailable for the people applying from offshore and some other regions of South Australia.

Business Innovation and Investment Program 

This program is specially designed for businessmen and successful entrepreneurs who want to move to Australia permanently. The state of Australia will give them opportunities to collaborate with its economy and development.

Main Goals

The Business Innovation and Investment Program comes up with its particular goals and target. It has different motives.

  • It will make the economic condition better by giving more opportunities for employment in the state.
  • This program will be generating more products in South Australia.
  • It will encourage and improve the export of Australian products and services.
  • It aims to provide the latest technologies to utilize in the country.
  • Increases the GDP rate of the state.
  • Make the international relations better with Australia.
  • Support the business and commercial activities better to stand with the international markets.

Latest Update

 The nominations of South Australia for 132 Business Talent Visa were going to be closed by the 26th of April 2021. As it’s a public holiday in South Australia therefore, the state nominations for the Business Migration program in SkillSelect can be submitted by the 23rd of April 2021.


According to the State and Federal, the last date for Intention to Apply (ITA’s) applications is the 29th of March. Whereas, the submissions for 132 Business Talent Visa will be closed on 16th of April, Friday.


The Subclass 132 Business Talent Visa applications will not be entertained after the 16th of April. Likewise, the applications for Intention to Apply will also be rejected after the 29th of March, Monday.


However, the applications for Intention to Apply (ITA’s) for 188 Visa will be entertained till the 21st of May for the 2020 and 2021 programs. In case, if your business idea or mission changes in the due time then you have to send a new application for Intention to Apply (ITA’s) for 188 Visa.


If you want to migrate to South Australia and take part in the economy of Australia then apply for the Skilled Migration Program by meeting certain requirements. If you want to work in specific priority sectors then you can apply for Talent and Innovators Programs via the Department of Home Affairs. Furthermore, Businessmen and successful entrepreneurs who want to move their firms to Australia can also be eligible for Business Innovation and Investment Program by South Australia.


If you want to apply to any of these programs to migrate to South Australia then The Migration can assist you with the complete process. Consult with us today!

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