Government of Victoria | International Students Return to Australia

Government of Victoria | International Students Return to Australia

The Deputy Leader of the Labor Party and the Educational Minister of Victoria Mr. Hon James Merlino is planning to bring the international students and employees back to the country. For this purpose, he wrote a letter to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He stated in the letter that the international students and workers from specific industries should be brought back to the country to save the economic cohorts.


The Acting Premier Mr. Merlino said that according to the proposal, the Government of Victoria will be accepting 120 arrivals per week and in which people from educational institutions, screen or stage production, and major event planners will be included. This program is being organized in order to save the Australian and Victorian Economy health.


He added that the international students and workers will be arriving on the commercial passenger flights. Merlino has mentioned a separate quarantine program to support the economic cohorts. The returning students and workers will be staying in separate hotel with complete quarantine facilities.


In his letter, Hon James Merlino said that this initial program will be operated on industry/user pays model. This model will have a great support of the relevant industries, which contains, tertiary institutions, film crew, actors, and the major event organizers. These industries, organizers, and institutions will be facilitating the funds and assets for the operational expenses.


Merlino said that all the health and safety precautions will be followed by the staff and other members. Moreover, the staff will be wearing the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The quarantine workers will receive the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine to be employed.


According to the Acting Premier Merlino, the final decision has to be taken by Scott Morrison and he’s purchase of viagra in Australia expecting a positive response to his letter. Moreover, he has requested the Commonwealth Government to open the flights, issue Australian visa, and lift the travel ban to make the economy better.


Government of Victoria | International Students Return to Australia

Source: 9NewsAustralia

Scott Morrison Response to Merlino’s Letter

The Prime Minister of Australia Mr. Scott Morrison is being very thoughtful about James Merlino’s letter for flying international students back. He said that the Government of Australia can’t take risk of putting people’s life in danger.


According to Merlino’s letter, international students, actors and other workers will be flying back for the country’s business purposes. There will be 120 people returning each week. The Australian politician has confirmed the news that Government of Victoria was the first one to take step for the international students and workers.


Alan Tudge said that they’ve received the letter and looking at it very carefully before making any decision. He addressed that we have to be very careful on this matter due to Covid-19 and can’t say anything about returning of the international students and workers.


Tudge was quite hopeful regarding the return of international students to Australia. He has previously stated that students will come back Australian universities by their first semester of 2022. However, it couldn’t happen due to severe Covid-19 situation and he can’t even surely predict that when the students are going to be back.


Covid-19 has adversely affected the education system and business as well. Government of Victoria has stated that international education is the largest export industry of Victoria for more than 10 years. Moreover, it used to generate more than 70 billion Australian dollars for Victorian Government economy. After Covid-19, it has generated 13.7 billion for the country.



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