Temporary Work Visa and Skilled Short Visas during Coronavirus

Temporary Work Visa and Skilled Short Visas’s Updates during Coronavirus

Subclass visa 482 (Temporary Skilled Short visa) and subclass visa 457(temporary work visa) holders are facing difficulties during the corona crisis. Many people got those types of visas and not able to go back home country or to Australia due to the change policies of migration during the latest pandemic. Every country changed its policy according to the requirements to deal with corona spread.

Updates about Subclass Visa 482 and Subclass 457

Australian migration department releases the updates for those people who hold the subclass visa 482 and 457. According to the latest update,

  • these people will maintain a valid visa.
  • The responders of visas will have opportunities to extend the visa as per normal agreement.
  • Businesses will be able to reduce the working hours without any restrictions and give complete rights to employees.


So if you hold these subclass visas then don’t need to worry. You are able to stay there without any restrictions.

Updates in case of Work Lost

If your agreement with the business is ended and currently unemployed then you are able to find a new job opportunity within 60 days after the completion of the first work agreement. If it is possible then making arrangements go back to home.


Otherwise, you need to maintain a valid visa and follow Australia’s health care policies in case if you cannot return to your home country.

Subclass visas 482 holders work in Covid 19 critical sectors like

  • Health care
  • Aged and disability care center
  • Childcare
  • Agriculture
  • Food processing
  • Petrol station


They may be able to apply for a temporary activity visa. But they have approved that they are working in recommended departments for which subclass 408 visas.

Details about subclass Visa 408

Subclass visa 408 is a temporary activity visa. The people who are working in covid 19 critical sectors, working for one year and not working for three months in critical sectors are able to apply for subclass visa 408. Holders of COVID-19 Pandemic event visa who want to extend their stay in Australia or unable to leave Australia due to impose travel restrictions.

Cost of 408 Visas

It is totally free. No charges are paid to get the subclass 408 visas. Applicants need to select ‘” Yes” to the visa application charge concession question in the application and select the “Nil VAC” option.

Subclass 408 visa Processing Times

The exact details about the 408 visa processing time are not available yet. But it does not take long term. you don’t need to worry about visa processing times. You may get this visa after applying within few days to few weeks.

Perks of 408 Visas

There are no such perks in 408 visas as the other working visas carrying. But with this visa, you can stay in Australia if you have no other visa options. If you are working in agriculture, food processing, health care, aged care, disability care, and child care during the COVID-19 pandemic then you can extend your stay by doing work. After getting this visa, you can remain in Australia legally.

Procedure of Applying for Visa 408

You must

  • Apply online
  • Carry health insurance during stay in Australia
  • Be in Australia

And also have evidence or a job offer letter from critical sectors. Applicants hold a substantive visa that expires in 90 days or less, or your last substantive visa expired 28 days or less ago. Other applicants facing travel restrictions are eligible for it.

COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa

If you are unable to go back home due to entry, traveling restrictions and not meet other visa requirements then you may be eligible for a COVID-19 pandemic visa. If your temporary work visa is going to expire without doing work in critical sectors then you can apply for it. Subclass visa 408 is a COVID-19 pandemic event visa.


You will be needed to give details why you cannot meet the other visa requirements. Also, you need to prove that you don’t have sufficient funds for visa application charges with a statement and evidence.


All the details relative to the extension of the visa, stay policies and work agreement updates in Australia during the COVID 19 pandemic. Holders of temporary work visas and skilled short visas can stay these without any restrictions during the corona pandemic with complete health insurance. They can also apply for other visa options to get the work with business agreements. If no visas options are available according to the requirements then they go for temporary and COVID 19 event visas.


These are the updates about Subclass visa 482 (Temporary Skilled Short visa) and subclass visa 457(temporary work visa) by the Australia migration department.

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