Chefs have Bright Prospects for Australian PR

Let’s see how Chefs have Bright Prospects for Australian PR

People belonging to different occupations come to Australia in search of a better life and work opportunities. Mainly because it has an abundance of opportunities to work and grow along with a safe and positive environment for them and their families. Major Australian industries include tourism, construction, petroleum, chefs,  information technology, etc. all these industries are like a pillar to the Australian economy. Also, these industries need a large amount of manpower to run their operations. The need for this manpower is fulfilled by local skilled people as well as the talents and skills from across the borders.




This is why the Australian immigration system provides visas like subclass 189 visa, etc. that allow skilled people from other countries to come to Australia and be a part of its workforce.


There are many professions and occupations that are always in demand in Australia. And it’s easier for overseas people belonging to one of these occupations to get an Australian skilled visa. Let’s see the famous occupation in Australia that is commercial cookery and how chefs have bright prospects to get Australian PR.

Why commercial cookery an in-demand profession in Australia?

Tourism is one of the most significant industries in Australia. Every year Australia receives millions of local and international tourists. These tourists visit different parts of the country. This generates a large sum of revenue and contributes to the country’s economy greatly. Australia is famous for its landmarks, splendid beaches, colorful culture, historical sites, beautiful cities, etc. All these attract tourists from all across the globe.


There is no doubt in the fact that the Australian tourism industry is huge. But, Australian tourism depends on many other sectors. Like hospitality, transport, traveling, and so on. One of the most important ones of it is the fine-dining sector. The Australian culinary scene has a unique presence and identity in the world. Many tourists who visit Australia explore and enjoy its food culture. With the boom in this industry, more manpower is required. Moreover, the cultural diversity of Australia greatly influences its food and dining scene. As they consist of a variety of various cosines from different cultures and traditions.


The fine-dining industry of Australia also attracts chefs from overseas. They are encouraged to come to Australia and participate in the Australian culinary scene. Commercial cookery is a very in-demand profession in Australia. This is why chefs can apply for one of many Australian visas many of which can provide a pathway to PR. Also, if you are in the planning stage of your career then choosing culinary can be very fruitful for you.

What should you know about Australian visas if you are a chef?

Here are few important things that you must know if you are a chef and want to apply for an Australian skilled visa:

  • Every Australian state and territory issue an occupational list according to its demand of manpower for different visa subclasses. As dining is becoming an emerging field in Australia, many of its states require talented people belonging to this field.
  • One must keep an eye on different opportunities and should research the different occupational lists that might require a chef in them.
  • To apply for an Australian visa is not as simple as it seems it requires consideration of every small detail. If one is applying as a chef then he or she must get their skill assessed by an authentic assessing body. Also, work is experience counts big time when applying for a permanent visa. Make sure you have adequate experience as a chef

Some important visas that can help you get Australian PR

Here is some visa subclass that can help you get Australian PR or can provide a pathway to PR:

Skilled independent visa 189

Subclass 189 visa is an Australian permanent visa and does not require any nomination. The occupational list must have a chef as a profession in it. This visa allows you to work as a chef and stay in Australia permanently.

Skilled nominated NSW 190 Visa

Subclass 190 is a permanent Australian visa that one can apply for after getting nominated by a state. If you are applying as a chef then there should be a chef listed in the occupational list of the state you are intended to get nominated by.

Regional skilled visa subclass 491

Subclass 491 is a regional visa that allows one to come and work as a chef in regional areas of Australia. The time granted by this visa is 5 years. But one can apply for Australian PR after working for 3 years in regional areas of Australia.

Temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482

This employer-sponsored visa subclass 482 allows an employer in Australia to sponsor a chef from overseas to come and work in Australia for the position he or she is offering. There is a condition for this subclass on the employer and that is the employer should not be able to find a suitable person for that particular job position in Australia.


These were some visa subclasses through which a chef can get Australian PR. Some of these visas are permanent and some are temporary with a pathway to PR. But all these visas have certain conditions that need to be full filled to become eligible for applying for one of these. To know about these eligibility conditions, state nominations, and all the updates on the Tasmania migration news or overall Australian immigration scene you need a registered migration agent in Australia.


The Migration can help you in this matter most effectively. So if you are a chef and want to make a career in Australia then wait no more and consult our registered migration agent now.

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