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Australia is famous around the globe for many different reasons. These reasons could be a beautiful landscape, exotic beaches, modern lifestyle, and so on. But there is another factor that makes Australia very famous around the planet and that is its educational system. Australia has a sound and developed educational system and its education providers are famous not just within the country but also across the borders. This time the Australian government has announced some student visa fee waivers that can help the students to deal with the situation more easily.


It is like a magnet to hundreds of thousands of international students. Australia welcomes many international students to its different institutes in different disciplines on  student visa subclass 500. Australia is becoming very famous in the context of education and is emerging as a global educational hub with every passing year.


But like every other thing, education around the planet has also been disturbed by the pandemic. Closure of educational institutes as a prevention from the further spreading of the virus has created many problems for the students as well as the educational providers. The same is the case in Australia. Educational institutes got completely or partially closed during the lockdowns in different parts of the country.


Moreover, the travel ban exercised by Australia has made the situation for international students worse. Those international students who are stuck overseas cannot return to their Australian institutions due to border restrictions and travel ban. This has caused great academic as well as monetary loss for them. Also, this situation has created a risk for Australia for losing its international students.


Covid 19 Student visa fee waiver

As discussed above that coronavirus has caused great deficits for the Australian educational system and international students. To deal with these problems the Australian government has announced some visa fee waivers that can help the students to deal with the situation more easily. But these waivers are only applicable for those who satisfy certain conditions. This step is expected to help many visa 500 holders who are affected by this pandemic situation and will also decrease the risk for Australia of losing international students


Who can get this wavier?

Student visa fee waiver is applicable only on special conditions. The student visa fee waiver will be provided for the further student visa so that students can complete their studies. This waiver is only for those individuals who have held student visas from Feb 2020 and were not able to complete their studies due to coronavirus-related problems.


This problem can be one of the following:

  • Students who were not able to complete their enrolled courses in the given time due to the Australian travel ban.
  • Those who are forced to limit their educational activities to part-time studies
  • Students who could not complete their placements, work-cased training like internships and research, etc. in the given time due to pandemic situation or travel ban.


Any student in one of the above-mentioned situations can apply for a further student visa fee waiver. This wavier is for both onshore and offshore applicants. Student visas should be applied online and the waiver is only for the student visa fee. This waiver will hopefully help the students who are stuck in this unfortunate situation due to pandemics.


Australian student visa and how to travel ban affected it

Australia is no doubt an amazing place to start your educational career and get trained for your career. But there are some things you need to learn about its visa you require for studying in Australia and this visa is student visa subclass 500. Through visa 500 one can come and study in Australia. And can live in Australia till his or her course is completed. One must be enrolled in a registered education institute in Australia before applying for this visa. There are some conditions an individual needs to satisfy to become eligible for this visa.


Eligibility Conditions 

  • The age of the applicant for student visa subclass 500 should be more than 6 years and if it’s lesser than 18 years then conditions for guardians will apply
  • The applicant for a student visa must be enrolled in an authentic and registered education institute of Australia.
  • Satisfaction of health and character conditions is mandatory.
  • must have a valid health insurance


This visa subclass entitles you to follow things:

  • The holder of this visa can stay in Australia and stay there till the completion of his or her enrolled course.
  • One can work part-time on this visa the limit of part-time work is up to 40 hours in a fortnight
  • Can travel to and from Australia on the holder’s will


Rule to Waive 12 Months Condition | Australian Partner Visa


Subclass 500 and Covid-19

International students are very important to the Australian economy as well as its society and culture. As international students bring a lot of revenue and cultural norms with them. But covid-19 has badly affected the Australian educational system as well as its international students. Australia is observing a travel ban from March 2020 which has forced many international students to remain offshore Australia.


They are unable to return to Australia and continue their educational activities there. Moreover, lockdowns and business closures have caused many financial problems for international students in Australia. But this situation is expected to change soon as the Australian government is taking serious measures to facilitate international students stuck outside Australia. We hope that soon they can return to Australia and resume their studies there.


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