South Australia State Nomination

South Australia State Nomination is now open

Australia is no doubt a wonderful place to start a career as it has got everything a person needs to prosper in his or her life. From amazing opportunities for employment to an elevated lifestyle, Australia can provide you with everything to lead a good life. But the migration of this large flux of people to Australia has caused so many problems especially in its metropolitans like Sydney and Melbourne etc. in this context, the Australian government is taking many measures to develop its regional areas like South Australia and to attract migrants towards it like subclass 491.


One of the very significant Australian regional areas in South Australia. It completely comes under the regional banner and has various programs for skilled people. Here, we will talk about the South Australian state nomination that is opening soon.


South Australia State Nomination

As discussed above, the Australian government is stressing greatly on the development of its regional areas which means newer opportunities for both international migrants and international students. South Australia comes completely under the regional banner. It has many cities with brighter prospective for everyone like Adelaide.


It is also famous for various programs that support its international students, entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals. South Australia can be the right place for you where you can also enjoy all the additional perks. South Australian state nomination is open from 8th Feb 2021.


Here are all the important things you should know about it:

  • The applicants that fulfill the criteria of south Australian state nomination can directly apply for it from 8th Feb 2021.
  • To apply for the nomination one has to satisfy both the department of home affairs criteria as well as South Australian state nomination conditions.
  • The applicants living outside Australia or living in another Australian state cannot apply for state nomination currently.
  • The present round of state nomination is focusing on the following categories:
    • Talent and innovator program
    • Currently working in South Australia/ long term residents of SA
    • International graduates of SA


Let’s have a detailed look at these categories


Talent and Innovator Program

This program is for providing opportunities to those international migrants who are highly skilled and can be helpful for the sectors of South Australia that fall in the critical priority range.


This program provides state nomination for four streams that are given as below:

Employment stream:

This stream is for highly skilled individuals who are working in businesses in South Australia.


Startup and small business stream:

This stream targets those entrepreneurs who have a startup or a small business in South Australia


High performing graduate stream:

This stream is for those international students who have completed their degrees from a South Australian institution and are high-performing graduates


Independent talent stream:

This stream targets those individuals who have a special talent or have extraordinary skills.


These were the four streams of this program. The applicants applying for any of these fields have to showcase the ideas through which they will bring innovation and new ideas to south Australian priority fields. The applicants will have to satisfy the eligibility conditions for subclass 190 or subclass 491. This program is currently unavailable for overseas applicants as well as applicants from other Australian states.


Currently working in South Australia/ long term residents of SA

This category is for those applicants who are currently working and residing in SA or are long-term residents of SA. Here are all the important things you need to know about it:

  • If you are living and working in SA then you can apply for state nomination under some conditions. First of all, you need to be working at least 20 hours per week. The applicant applying for subclass 491 visa should be working in the nominated occupation in SA for at least 6 months and those who are applying for subclass 190 should be working in their related occupation for 12 months at a minimum in SA
  • Long-term residents of SA can also apply for its state nomination on satisfying certain conditions. It has two further streams. One is for international students from South Australian institutions and their partners and the other is for the temporary visa holders.


International graduates of SA

The graduates from South Australian institutes can have a pathway to state nomination under some conditions. Some of these conditions are as follow:

  • The applicant’s course must be CRICOS registered and should be based on 46 weeks at minimum
  • At least 50 percent of the applicant’s qualification should be done in South Australia and he or she should have resided in SA for at least one year during this period.
  • The applicant should be living completely in SA after the completion of the degree or course
  • Must satisfy all the condition given by the department of home affairs for subclass 491 or subclass 190
  • Should be currently working in the nominated occupation for at least 3 months in SA


For the official website of South Australia State Nomination.


This was all about SA state nomination opening news and about different categorizes or streams it is open for. South Australian state nomination for subclass 491 or subclass 190 can be full of bright perspectives for you and your future. So hurry up and don’t miss the chance.


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