Good news! Temporary visa holders can now return to Australia after a short trip

Good news! Temporary visa holders can now return to Australia after a short trip

Covid-19 has shown a tough time for everyone living on this planet. There might be few people who have not affected its adversities. The past year has shown us how a pandemic can transform the course of life on this planet completely. Every field of life from health to business, from education to social life, is affected by the pandemic. But, with the development of vaccines the idea of a normalized environment does not seems far-fetched now. Still, there is some good news for temporary visa holders that they can now return to Australia after a short trip.



Australian immigration system like every other department also bore an impact due to coVid-19. Australia is observing a travel ban from March 2021 which is expected to end in 2021.


This travel ban has affected Australian visa holders as well as its economy on different levels. Due to the travel ban, temporary visa holders like international students on student visa subclass 500 who are stuck onshore or offshore in Australia are restricted to travel to and from Australia.


But, recent news has hit the media that infers some leniency in the travel conditions of temporary visa holders currently stuck in Australia. In this article, we will analyze this good news and will see how it can benefit temporary visa holders.


Temporary visa holders can return to Australia after a short trip


This issue has created a lot of trouble for temporary visa holders like international students, etc. as they are unable to come to Australia or make a trip overseas and come back to Australia. But recently an amendment has been made for temporary visa holders stuck in Australia.


This news infers the following information:


“The temporary visa holders that are stuck onshore Australia can take a short trip outside Australia and can come back to Australia. This leniency is only allowed under specific conditions. And one needs to get exemption from travel ban before leaving Australia.”


This exemption is only allowed under the following conditions:


  • The applicant of this exemption must fulfill all the conditions of an individual inward-travel exemption presented by the department of home affairs.
  • He or she must have a solid reason to travel overseas. The reason should be based on compelling or compassionate grounds. These reasons can be one of the following:
    • To attend the funeral of a very close family member
    • Visit a close family member who is critically ill
    • To get a medical treatment that is most available for the applicant in Australia
    • When traveling offshore is essential for business.


These are some of the conditions which can earn you an exemption from the Australian travel ban if you are a temporary visa holder stuck in Australia.


How travel ban has affected Australian temporary visa holders


The Australian travel ban has created various problems for everyone who wishes to travel to or from Australia. But it has specifically affected in many ways.


Let’s have a look at these effects:

  • International students on student visa subclass 500 got greatly impacted by the Australian travel ban. Hundreds of thousands of students are stuck overseas and are not allowed to get back to Australia due to border restrictions. This is causing them great loss in studies. Moreover, the students stuck in Australia were unable to make a short trip to their homeland and get back to their institutions in Australia. But, hopefully, the condition for the international students stuck in Australia is getting better after the leniency in travel ban for them
  • Temporary visa holders like subclass 482 and subclass 485 etc. are not allowed to come back to Australia. Which is causing them great trouble like not resuming their jobs in Australia which might end up in losing their employment position in Australia.


The leniency in travel restrictions for temporary visa holders comes as very good news from Australian Government and we hope that all other issues related to the travel ban can also be resolved soon.


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