Australian Regional Visas and their Special Perks

Australian Regional Visas and their Special Perks

Why regional Australia? What comes under the label fundament rights? Well, in my point of view fundamental rights of a person include quality education, equal chances of growth and success for everyone, good opportunities, encouragement of one’s talent and skills, security and freedom to live on one’s terms. But not many places on this planet earth are famous for providing their residents with all their fundamental rights.  In this blog, we will have a detailed look at Australian regional visas like subclass 491 and 494 and the perks they might have for you and your career in Australia.


This fact makes many people move from such places to somewhere where they can have access to better life opportunities and chances of a successful career. Australia is one of the top candidates in the list of developed countries providing their residents as well as migrants with all fundamental rights and facilities they require to a prosperous life.


Australia, being an amazing country attracts a large sum of international students as well as skilled migrants. This has elevated the population density in the Australian metropolitan by a huge number. This is why the Australian government is emphasizing the development of its regional areas so that it can share the load of both population and economic growth of the country.


Now let’s have a look at different Australian regional visas:


Australian Regional Visas

Here are some of the most famous two Australian regional visa subclass and their eligibility criteria.

  • Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 491
  • Employer-Sponsored Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 494


Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 491

This is a very famous regional visa subclass. Under this visa subclass, one can live and work in regional areas of Australia. And can stay there for 5 years. This is a state nominating visa subclass and also provides a pathway to Australian PR after a span of 3 years working in a regional area.


What does subclass 491 entitle you to?

This visa will entitle you to:

  • Come and live in Australia for a span of 5 years
  • One can live, work and study in Australian regional area
  • The applicant can travel from Australia and to Australia whenever he/she wants.


What are the eligibility conditions of this visa?

To be eligible to get skill work regional visa subclass  491 you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The applicant should be nominated by the state or must be sponsored by a relative who is a permanent Australian resident living in regional Australia
  • must belong to an occupation listed in the relevant occupation list
  • The skill of the applicant must be assessed by the relevant skill assessing authorities and the result of the assessment should be positive
  • should be 45 or less than 45 in age
  • The applicant must satisfy all the character and health conditions
  • must get an invitation to apply
  • The minimum score in point score test is 65 points


Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa Subclass 494

This visa is for the skilled individuals who get sponsored by an eligible employer in that certain regional area of Australia. The condition for an employer in this visa is that he or she can sponsor an individual from overseas only if they are unable to find a suitable candidate for employment in Australia.


What does subclass 494 entitle you to?

This visa will entitle you to:

  • Come and live in Australia for a span of 5 years
  • One can work for the employer who has sponsored the applicant
  • The applicant can travel from Australia and to Australia whenever he/she wants


The eligibility criteria for subclass 494:

The applicant for subclass 494 must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The applicant should be 45 years or less in age
  • Must be related to an occupation listed in the relevant occupation list
  • Should be sponsored by an eligible employer who is an Australian permanent resident or a national
  • The skill assessment should be done by relevant authorities and the result should be positive
  • Must be competent in the English language
  • The applicant should meet all health and character requirements


Reasons behind the introduction of New Australian Regional Visas

  • The major reason behind the introduction of regional visas and promoting them is to invite talented individuals to regional Australia. This will help in filling the gap of skilled and technical individuals in regional Australia. Also, it will help in creating new employment opportunities and by encouraging investors in Australia and overseas to invest in these areas. All of this will boost the economy and growth of the regional areas of Australia and ultimately benefit the country.
  • Another very significant factor behind it is the high density of the population in metropolitan areas of Australia. If the population of these megacities keeps on increasing at the current rate then it will be uncontrollable in no time and will create a lot of basic problems like housing problems, fewer work opportunities, unemployment, etc. So to shed the burden of the population from the big cities it is very important to develop the areas other than these metropolitans.
  • Regional areas of Australia are sparsely populated that is why they always get fewer opportunities for prosperity. Generating new openings in these areas will lead to the development of regional areas into megacities of the future and will also help in the growth of the population in these regions


Additional Perks of studying and working in Australian Regional Areas

Here are some of the additional perks that international skilled migrants and international students can enjoy while studying and working in regional Australia:

  • Regional visas have a pathway to the permanent residency of Australia. One can apply for Australian PR after working for three years in Australian regional areas. This is no doubt a very good way to make your Australian PR dream come true.
  • The international students who have graduated from institutes in regional Australia and have lived in regional Australia on a temporary graduate visa for the first time are eligible for second temporary skill shortage visa. This will allow international graduates to develop their career in Australia and hence more time towards gaining Australian PR.
  • Moreover, living in regional Australia is cheaper as compared to living in Australian metropolitans. One can enjoy extra benefits and also lesser living expenses while living or studying in regional areas of Australia. Many big Australian cities now come under the category of regional areas. these cities include famous names like Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, etc. living in these famous cities can open many doors to newer and better opportunities for you and can also prove to beneficial for your families.

These were some of the important details about Australian regional Visas and the extra perks they can provide you.

If you want to learn more about these visas or have any questions and queries about any of Australian visa, our registered migration agent in Sydney can help you anytime.


Now, let’s have a look at what Australian regional areas has to offer to you:

Tons of Opportunities

As discussed above the Australian government is emphasizing the uplifting of its regional areas so that they can share the load of population and can also contribute to the country’s economy. So in this context, they have started many new development projects in regional areas so that more people from Australia and also from the rest of the world can come, study and work in regional areas of Australia.

These areas present an excellent opportunity for international students, skilled workers and entrepreneurs all around the globe.


Healthy and Positive Environment

Everyone wants an encouraging and positive environment to perform better and to excel in life. Australian environment has these qualities which makes it the best place for people to show their capabilities. It also has safety and security that is important for everyone to live their lives on their terms. Moreover, the facilities regional areas of Australia provide to its residents like quality education, better lifestyle, friendly environment, modern amenities, etc.



Australian metropolitans no doubt have many advantages but they are also one of the most expensive places to live in. while on other hand, the cost of living in Australian regional areas is relatively low. This means that people can get similar lifestyles, facilities and opportunities living in regional areas of Australia but at a lower cost in comparison with Australian metropolitans. So why not!


Extra Benefits

If you are skilled migrants working in regional Australia or international students studying a regional Australian institution then you can get entitled to additions benefits. These benefits could be a pathway to Australian PR through subclass 189 visa or 190 visa or additional year in your skill graduate visa subclass 485. Australian regional areas are full of benefits for your career in Australia.


These were some of the many factors to convince you that Australian regional areas can be full of bright prospects for you and your family.

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