Student Visa Australia News 2021 - Temporary relaxation by Australia Govt

Student Visa Australia News 2021. Temporary relaxation for student

Australia has many strong industrial sectors on which its economy depends. And one of these sectors is agriculture. Agriculture is a very significant sector for Australia. For many of its states, agriculture is one of the most important industries. This sector employs millions of people which not only includes Australians but also people from different parts of the world who are working in Australia on different skilled visas like TSS visa subclass 482. Today, we will talk about the Student Visa Australia News 2021.


Let’s have a look at some important facts about the Australian Agriculture Industry:

  • The fact that Australia is the driest nation in the world might be shocking for some but it’s true. Most of its land comes under the dessert category. But still, Australia has managed to make agriculture one of its most significant industry
  • The agriculture industry includes crops and fruits production, animal products like beef, lamb and pork industry, fishery, dairy, wool, cotton, etc. all these individual industries contribute to the Australian agriculture and ultimately countries economy.
  • Australian agriculture contributes around 12% of the total GDP. That is a total of around $155 billion per year.
  • This industry also employs hundreds of thousands of employees. These employees are not just Australian but also many skilled migrants who work in this sector. According to a rough estimate around 325,300 are associated with this sector in Australia.
  • The beef industry is the largest industry that contributes to Australian agriculture. It is also very significant to the rest of the world as it’s ranked as the 2nd largest in the world.


These were some fun facts about Australian agriculture. Like everything else around us, the Australian agriculture industry has also been affected greatly by the coronavirus. In this article, we will have a look at how the pandemic has affected coronavirus and what is the new news about the need for temporary visa holders in the agriculture industry in Australia

News about the need for workers and temporary visa holders in the Australian agriculture sector

The pandemic coronavirus has affected everything around us. There is simply nothing around us that remains unaffected by the pandemic situation in one way or another. Similarly, Australian agriculture also bore the effects of the pandemic. And one of the biggest problems it is facing is the limited number of workers it has left with due to the whole border closure and travel restriction scene.


Addressing this problem the Agriculture Minister Mr. Littleproud recently released a statement that is as bellow:


“Many regions are expecting bumper crops this year, but with COVID-19 travel restrictions international movement, there still aren’t enough workers available.”


And as a solution to this issue, he stated that:


This builds on changes earlier this year for international students working in the health and aged care sector, and demonstrates the government’s commitment to supporting Australian farmers and visa holders wishing to take on more work while they live and study here,”


“This complements a range of other workforce measures we are delivering to support farmers this harvest season,”


This implies that the agriculture sector in Australia requires help in harvesting. To make it possible the temporary visa holders like the international students on student visa subclass 500 who are unable to return to their homeland can find an opportunity to work in the Australian agriculture industry in the meanwhile.


There is a work limit on subclass 500 and that is 40 hours of work at a maximum in 15 days. But the international students working or willing to work in the agriculture sector will be exempted from this limit and can work full time. Previously, in the mid of year 2019, this work hour limit was exempted for the international students working in the aged care and health care sector.


 Here are some important factors you need to know about this announcement:


  • International students on students visa subclass 500 in Australia can work in the agriculture sector and their work hour limit will be exempted. They can work full-time in the agriculture sector.
  • This arrangement will help both temporary visa holders and also the farmers in Australia. it will help the international students to earn more while they help farmers in harvesting.
  • It will also make getting the COVID-19 pandemic event visa for the temporary visa holders whose visas are expiring soon.
  • They can apply for a 90 day COVID-19 pandemic event visa with showing the attempt to return to their homeland.


This was all about the news release of temporary relaxation student visa Australia news in 2021 by the Australian Government. Our registered migration agent can help you learn more about this news release and Australian temporary visas like TSS visa.

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