Are you an Engineer? Let’s see how Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa can help you

Are you an Engineer? Let’s see how Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa can help you

There are only a few places in the world that provide their people with the opportunities they require in life to be successful and prosperous in their lives. Australia is the top candidate on the list of such countries. Its strong economy and developed industrial sectors always require skilled manpower that can contribute to making its workforce stronger and better. This is why many skilled visas are like subclass 189 visa, Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa visa that. are offered to skilled people all across the globe.


Through these visa subclasses, they can come to Australia and develop their careers there. Many professionals are in high demand in Australia. For example, the people belong to IT, agriculture technology, accounting, nursing, data sciences, etc. one such profession is engineering. Engineers are always in high demand in Australia.


As some of the major industries in Australia include manufacturing, construction, production, development, etc. and all these fields require engineering at every step. This is why engineers are always welcomed and appreciated in Australian work environments in Australia. In this article, we will talk about a particular visa subclass called a skilled recognized graduate visa.


That is specifically for recent engineering graduates. And we will see how it can help people belonging to the field of engineering.

What is a skilled recognized graduate visa subclass 476?

Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa is especially for engineering graduates who have recently completed their engineer degrees. For this visa subclass, one must have completed his or her engineering degree from a specific institute having Washington accord.


Washington Accord is an agreement between different countries to recognize the engineering degrees given by their different engineering institutes. All the engineering degrees earned by the institutes that come under Washington accord this category will be recognized and taken as equal in other countries. These degrees do not require any further assessment.

What are the conditions for this visa?

Here are some eligibility conditions that need to be fulfilled to apply for a skilled recognized graduate visa:

  • The applicant of this visa must have completed one of a below-given degree related to engineering recently
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Master’s degree
    • Ph.D. degree
    • Postgraduate diploma
  • Should have one of the above-mentioned degrees in any of the following given disciplines
    • Electronic engineering
    • Structural engineering
    • Civil engineering
    • Environment engineering
    • Mechanical, Production and Plant engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Mining and Material engineering
    • Chemical engineering
  • The applicant must be less than 31 years old to apply for this visa
  • Should satisfy all the health and character conditions
  • Must be English proficient and should be able to prove it through an English language test result
  • The applicant must not have previously hold Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa or subclass 485

What does this visa entitle you to?

Following are things this visa entitles you to:

  • There is no condition of being onshore or offshore for applying for this visa one can apply for this visa in Australia or outside Australia
  • This visa allows its holder to live in Australia for a temporary period of 18 months
  • On this visa, one can work full time in Australia
  • This visa also gives you full study rights in Australia
  • One can also include a family member like a spouse or dependent child in this visa at the time of application. Provided that the family fulfills the eligibility criteria
  • One can also travel to and from Australia on his or her wish on this visa.


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How Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa can benefit your career:

This visa has various benefits for recent engineering graduates as :

  • On this visa, one can work in Australia in his or her professional-related field and can gain experience to make his or her career strong in Australia or wherever they want to pursue their career.
  • This visa also provides full study rights through which one can study in some world-renowned engineering institutes in the world and can make his or her qualifications better and prospects brighter.
  • This is also a very effective way to make some worthy contacts in engineering circles that can be helpful in the future.
  • One can gain experience and attend programs like professional year program etc. which can help him or her in their Australian PR visa like subclass 189 visa


Hopefully, this discussion was adequate to provide some useful information about visa Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa.


If you want to learn more about this visa or any other Australian visa ask our registered migration agent in Melbourne who will be happy to help you.

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