migration program 2020-2021

Details of the migration program 2020-2021

What does a person require from the place he or she wants to spend his/her life in? The most important factors will be freedom, good life opportunities, a good lifestyle, security and availability of quality education. These are some basic things that everyone dreams of for him or herself and their families. In this article, we will talk about the migration program 2020-2021 and its different aspects and allocations.



However, does every country on the face of this planet can provide its residents with these facilities? Well, the answer will be no. Which is why people from different parts of the world try to move somewhere where they can have access for better growth opportunities. Australia is one of the favorite destinations among such people. Not only Australia possesses all these facilities but also, the Australian immigration system offers various visa like subclass 189 visa etc. to the people overseas which encourages them to come and make a life for themselves in Australia.


So if you are also looking for someplace where there are lots of opportunities for you and your loved ones then considering Australia can be a very wise decision.


In this article, we will talk about the migration program 2020-2021 and its different aspects and allocations.

Migration program

Australian migration program is designed strategically to achieve certain goals. These goals can be categorized into two major sectors

  • Economic outcomes
  • Social outcomes


The whole plan is designed in a way that will help both sectors of Australian society. Also, the designing process of the migration program for a year depends upon various other factors like the demand of talented people of every Australian state and territory, business and cooperate related forecasts for that year, inputs from the educational system and also the views of the common public. For the year 20202021, the total places allocated are 160,000.

Streams of migration program 2020-2021

A migration program can be divided into some basic streams and there are various categories of visas subclass that lie under these streams. A set number of places are allocated for every category. These streams, the categories that lie under them and the places allocated to each of these categories are given as under:

Skill stream

This stream is for making the skilled force of the country stronger. Also, it helps to fulfil the shortage of skills in some particular fields or some particular state and territory. There are 79,600 places allocated for skill stream in the year 20202021.


Which are further divided among different categories as following:

  • Employer-Sponsored 22,000 places
  • Skilled Independent 6,500 places
  • Regional 11,200 places
  • ​State/Territory Nominated 11,200 places
  • Business Innovation & Investment program 13,500 places
  • Global Talent 15,000 places
  • Distinguished Talent 200 places

Family stream

This stream helps the Australian permanent residents reunite with their family units in Australia. By providing them with a pathway to Australian PR. In 2020-2021 total 77,300 places have been set for this stream.


Which are further distributed as

  • Partner 72,300 places
  • Parent 4,500 places
  • Other Family 500 places

Special eligibility stream

This stream includes visas that are for special circumstances. It has the smallest quota in the year 20202021. With total places of 100

Child stream

This stream has no fixed upper limit but the child stream at least has 3000 places in 20202021.

State nomination

The migration program also allocates places for state nomination to different Australian state and territories for visas subclass 190, visa subclass 491 and visa subclass business investment and innovation program. Let have a look at the places allocated to every state for each of these visa subclasses

Nominated skilled visa subclass 190

For visa subclass 190 the total places allocated are 11,852. Which are further divided among different state and territories as under:

  • ACT 702 places
  • NSW 3,550 places
  • VIC 2,500 places
  • QLD ​ 1,000 places
  • NT 500 places
  • WA 1,100 places
  • SA 1,500 places
  • TAS 1,000 places

Skilled regional visa subclass 491

For visa subclass 491 the total places allocated are 9,781. Which are divided further among state and territories as under

  • ACT 598 places
  • NSW 2,800 places
  • VIC 1,043 places
  • QLD ​1,250 places
  • NT 500 places
  • WA 340 places
  • SA 1,850 places
  • TAS 1,400 places

Business investment and innovation program

For the business investment and innovation program, the total places allocated are 6,660. Which are divided further among states and territories as under:

  • ACT 30 places
  • NSW 2,200 places
  • VIC 1,750 places
  • QLD 1,200 places
  • NT 75 places
  • WA 360 places
  • SA 1,000 places
  • TAS 45 places


That was all the details about the migration program 2020-2021.

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