2 Beneficial Programs for PR in Australia

2 Beneficial Programs for PR in Australia

What do you think is more important for one’s career a good degree or the right opportunity? If you ask my opinion I will pick the latter option that is the right opportunity. As we look around us many qualified and talented people do not get a chance to showcase their full capabilities and hence cannot go a long way in their careers. The most important factor in this matter is the part of the world where one is located. That’s why we are discussing the 2 Beneficial Programs for PR in Australia.



Australia is one such place. It provides a positive and encouraging environment for people with talent, skills and zeal to perform better in life. But how can these opportunities benefit a person living offshores Australia?


Here are some important questions that come to the mind of people living outside Australia

  • How can a person living outside Australia avail of these opportunities?
  • Are these opportunities for the people living in Australia only?
  • How can one develop his or her career in Australia?


Let’s explore the answers to these question in detail below as: 

How can a person living outside Australia avail these opportunities?

The first and foremost question that comes to one’s mind in this context is that how can a person living outside Australia benefit from the employment opportunities from these 2 Beneficial Programs for PR in Australia? Well, it’s quite simple. The economy of Australia is based on various industrial sectors. These industrial sectors have huge operations which require an equally huge workforce to operate them.


This is why Australia requires skilled manpower from overseas which can contribute to operating its different industrial sectors. This Australian immigration system has many skilled visas through which a skilled individual can come and work in Australia  

Are these opportunities for the people living in Australia only?

No, the work and employment opportunities offered are not limited to Australian local markets only. As the requirement of human resource is quite big and it cannot be fulfilled by Australian local markets only, this is why people from overseas who have talent and skills in the required field are welcomed to come to Australia and be a part of its workforce


How can one develop a career in Australia?

As discussed above many skilled visas are offered to the people living overseas through which they can come and work in Australia. Some of these visas are permanent and some temporary. Most of these visas lie in general skill migration, employer-sponsored visa and graduate visa categories. These visas are especially for different people in different circumstances and belonging to different professions.


With that there various programs offered in Australia which can help a person from overseas to develop his or her career in Australia. The 2 Beneficial Programs for PR in Australia are the Professional Year Program and the Job-Ready program. These programs can benefit one’s career in Australia in many ways.


If you want to go for any of these programs then consult our registered migration agent in Sydney and get exciting offers on these programs.


Professional year program

A professional year program is a specially designed program for international students who have completed a degree from an Australian institution. But how does it helps the international graduates building their career in Australia? Well, this program can help them sharpen their skills by learning about and actually working in an Australian workplace and also gives them the chance to make contacts in their field and enough experience that can help them greatly in their career.


The professional year program is designed in such a way that it includes 1 year of training from which 32 weeks are for course studies and the remaining 12 weeks are for internship in an Australian workplace-related one’s relevant field.


Professional year program is currently offered in the following three courses:


  • IT
  • Accounting
  • Engineering


Let’s have a look at these three professional year programs



An IT professional year program is designed for those candidates who have completed a degree in an IT-related field from an Australian institution. This program helps the candidate to understand the culture and dynamics of an IT workplace in Australia by learning about it and also by actually working in an Australian IT-related firm.

Engineering PYP:

Engineering is one of the most significant fields not just in Australia but around the world. Engineering professional year program helps the international students who have completed their degree in one of an engineering-related discipline to understand the norms and culture of an Australian engineering work environment. Also, in the internship part of the program, the candidates can work on the field and can comprehend how things operate in an engineering firm or site in Australia.

Accounting PYP:

Accounting professional year program target those candidates who have completed an accounting degree from an Australian institution. Through the accounting professional year program, they can work in an accounting firm as an intern and can also learn the ways of Australian accounting work environments.

Who is eligible for a Professional Year Program?

For undergoing a professional year program one must fulfill the following conditions:


  • The applicant must have a degree from a registered Australian institution in one of the above-discussed fields. This degree must be completed over 18 months at a minimum and should have earned the applicant at least 2 credit points.
  • Must have a valid subclass 485 or subclass 476 visa.
  • The validity of the visa he or she is holding must be at least 1 year
  • Positive skill assessment is mandatory and should be done by an authorized assessing body and the result
  • Should prove his or her English proficiency

What are the benefits of a Professional Year Program?

A professional year program can benefit you in several ways. Let’s see some of them:

  • This program helps an international graduate to get accustomed to the norms of an Australian workplace. Its culture and norms. It’s the best way to learn about and get easily adjust to your profession-related Australian firm.
  • It also is a very good way to get work experience in one’s field by actually working in an Australian workplace as an intern.
  • Also, it helps a candidate to make professional contacts in his or her related field which can greatly benefit them in future
  • And most of all it’s your first step towards Australian PR. As it earns you five extra points in your skilled independent visa subclass 189 application to the department of home affairs
  • Job-ready program


Job Ready Program

What is a Job-Ready Program?

An Australian institution TRA (trade recognition Australia) runs a program called job ready program. The main objective of this program is to demonstrate the readiness and capabilities of a candidate for employment in Australia. This program is specially designed for international graduates who want to show their readiness to work in an Australian workplace. This program also helps greatly in the Australian PR pathway. It’s a four-stage program. Let’s have a look at its different stages:


Step 1: Provisional Skill Assessment

The first and foremost stage of the job-ready program is provisional skill assessment. In this step, an appointed TRO checks the genuineness of the details of your qualification and employment history in Australia.


Step 2: Job Ready Employment

 Job-ready employments program JRE helps to grooms one’s skills through a real working experience in an Australian work environment. The applicant must complete at least 1725 working hours in 12 months in a work environment that is approved by the TRA


Step 3: Job ready workplace assessment

In this stage, it is assessed whether one’s working capabilities are as per the requirements of the workplace. The TRA authorized assessor test this at one’s workplace in Australia.


Step 4: Job Ready Final Assessment

The final stage involves getting the results of the complete assessment. If the outcome of the job-ready program is positive one can use it in the application for Australian permanent visas like subclass 189.


What are the benefits of the job-ready program?

There are various benefits of a job-ready program for building your career foundation in Australia:


  • It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your readiness for employment in Australia.
  • It helps to assess your talent, capabilities and skills to work in an Australian work environment.
  • Also, it helps to make your application for Australian permanent skilled visas stronger.


This was all about the professional year program and the job-ready program. For more information on these2 Beneficial Programs for PR in Australia, consult our registered migration agent in Parramatta


Both of these 2 Beneficial Programs for PR in Australia have their benefits and can help you greatly in building a career in Australia.


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