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Want to develop career in Australia with PY program?

In this article, we will talk about a program called the professional year program that can help recent international graduates from an Australian institution to work and build their careers in Australia. We will also have a look at its different aspects and its benefits. But, first, let us have a look at why one should choose Australia for building their careers.



People who want to prove their capabilities and work hard are the only ones who truly excel in life. But many factors play important role in their success. One of these factors is the right place which provides them with the opportunities that give them a head start in their career. But there are only a few places on this planet where opportunities are abundant.

Australia is one of these few places which can help people to develop their career and groom their skills by providing them with a positive learning environment. Australian immigration system offers various visas through which skilled people from overseas can come to Australia and become a part of its workforce.

Facts About Australia

  • Australia has a strong developed economy that is based on various gigantic industrial sectors. These industrial sectors generate a large sum of revenue for the country’s economy. They also have a huge human resource working for them behind the curtain to keep the operations going. They generate various opportunities on daily basis for the local as well as the skilled people from overseas.
  • The educational system of Australia is renowned in the world. Its institutions are famous for providing the best quality of education and training that can help anyone to groom and sharpen their skills. One can avail the opportunity of studying in one of the best institutions in the world while in Australia.
  • Australian cities provide an amazing lifestyle and all the facilities of modern times to their residents. One can enjoy facilities like best healthcare, quality education, modern housing, state of the art infrastructure, welfare, etc. in Australia
  • Also, Australian culture is highly diverse. It is home to people belonging to hundreds of different origins. It provides them with a positive and friendly environment where they can all coexist in a peaceful and easy-going way.

We hope that these points were enough to convince you. Now let’s see how a professional year program can help you in Australia

What is a Professional Year Program?

This is a year-long program that teaches you about the office environment related to your field and also gives you a chance to experience the environment by actually working in the relevant firms.

This program is for international students who have recently completed their degrees and are not familiar with the environment to Australian offices. It’s for the students who wish to start their career in Australia and apply for Australian PR. Completing a professional year program can earn you 5 points while applying for a visa subclass 189.

In what fields a Profession year program can be done?

The professional year program is offered in three fields that are very famous in Australia. An international student who wishes to undergo a professional year program must be related to one of these professions. Here is the list of these professions

  • Information technology
  • Engineering
  • Accounting

These are the fields in which you can take a professional year program and gain knowledge and experience the real-life Australian workspaces related to these fields.

What are the benefits of a Professional Year Program?

There are many benefits of taking a professional year program some of them are listed as under

  • International students coming from different parts of the planet are unaware of the culture of Australian workspaces that is why it is difficult for them to adjust and start working in Australian offices without having any knowledge about it. A professional year program can help them grasp the idea of the norms of these offices
  • One gets to work in Australian offices related to their fields. Which can give them a very good experience of working in Australia and also can sharpen one’s skills?
  • It will also help to make contacts in your professional circle. Making contacts in your professional circle can help you in your future greatly.
  • Completing a professional year program can help you get 5 additional points when applying from Australian PR

This was all about how the professional year program can help your career building in Australia. The Migration will help you with further details about it.

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