Good news for Offshore Australian Partner Visa Applicants

There are many blessings in life that one should be thankful for. One of these blessings is to get a chance to share your life with the right person. It’s a fundamental right of every human being to live his or her life with their partner. But sometimes borders come in between two partners and makes living together for them challenging. To overcome these kinds of problems the Australian immigration system offers different types of partner visa. Latest news for Partner Visa that an announcement has been made which will help the holder of different family visa subclasses.


Through these visa subclasses, partners of an Australian citizen or permanent resident living in Australia or overseas can come or live with their partners in Australia.


Australian partner visa category has different visa subclasses that address the different scenario of a relationship. Consult our migration agent and learn about different Australian partner visa subclasses and other Australian visas.


How the Pandemic has affected Partner Visa Australia?


As we are going through a global pandemic for around a year now. And this pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. It has affected almost all the different aspects of our lives. Business, tourism, education, health and every other department has borne some serious impact.


Like every other walk of life, the Australian immigration system has also been affected by a coronavirus. Lockdowns, travel restrictions and border closures have caused many problems for Australian international migrants. Some of them are stuck in Australia and are unable to go back to their homelands.


While on the other hands some people holding Australian temporary visas are outside Australia and are unable to get back to Australia and resume their work or education there.


As a solution to these problems, many amendments have been made throughout the year in some conditions of different visa subclasses to facilitate people. Most recently, an announcement has been made which will help the holder of different family visa subclasses and will surely help them in many ways. Let’s have look at it.


What is the good news for Offshore Partner Visa Applicants?


Some Australian visa subclasses require the applicant to be outside Australia when the visa is granted. Same is the case with offshore partner visa subclass 309. But according to the announcement made by the Australian government, this condition to be offshore will be made flexible for some Australian family visa subclasses. This flexibility is for the applicants living in Australia and is unable to return to their homeland due to travel restrictions.


This concession is for following visas:


  • Offshore Partner visa
  • Child visa
  • Adoption visa
  • Dependent child visa
  • Prospective marriage visa


These changes in the visa condition will greatly help the visa applicants who are stuck in Australia and are unable to travel back to their origin country due to border restriction.


Australian Offshore Partner Visa


Through partner visa, Australia one can join his or her partner in Australia. This visa is applicable for both onshore and offshore applicants. It is also applicable for different dynamics of a relationship like for married couples, or the one in a de facto relationship or engaged couple, etc. Both same gender and opposite gender couples can apply for this visa.


This visa is for the married or de facto partner of one of the following:


  • Australian permanent resident
  • Australian citizen
  • Eligible New Zealand citizen


Offshore Subclass 309


Offshore partner visa subclass 309 allows the partner of an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizens or Australian permanent resident to come to Australia and be with his or her partner. It is a temporary visa that allows the applicant to come and stay in Australia until his or her permanent visa is under process.


Offshore Subclass 100


Offshore partner visa subclass 100 allows the partner of an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizens or Australian permanent resident to come to Australia and be with his or her partner. This is a permanent visa and it allows its holder to live in Australia as a permanent resident


Eligibility criteria for an onshore partner visa


  • The applicant should be a spouse of or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent resident
  • Should be in Australia when applying for this visa subclass
  • Must satisfy all health and character requirements


This was all about the news for Partner Visa Australia for offshore candidates. The relaxation in new conditions will help offshore partner visa applicants. To know more about these change in conditions book a free consultation with our migration agent now.



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