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Good news for international students in a regional Australia

What’s the good news for international students in a regional Australia?


Australia is one of the most favourable places for international students in the world. The standard of education it provides is world-class and unmatchable. This is why many students come to Australia every year on student visa subclass 500.

To divide this mass of international students equally in between Australian metropolitans and regional areas, Australia has started many development projects for education in regional areas. In this context, an announcement has been made recently which has come as well new for the international students in regional Australia.


According to this new announcement, the international students who have graduated from institutes in regional Australia and have lived in regional Australia on a temporary graduate visa for the first time are eligible for second temporary skill shortage visa. This will allow international graduates to develop their career in Australia and hence more time towards gaining Australian PR.


To be eligible for 2nd temporary graduate visa one must fulfil following eligibility conditions:


  • The applicant who has lived and studied in regional areas under category two will be granted 1 additional year in 2nd temporary graduate visa.
  • Those who have lived and studied in regional areas under category three will be granted 2 additional years in 2nd temporary graduate visa.


These are no doubts about the perks of studying and living in regional Australia. But what are the things in regional Australia that attract international students from all over the world? What makes it the best place to study? What are the extra benefits of living and studying in regional Australia?


Let’s take a look at these reasons in the next session.


Why should you choose regional Australian institutions for your higher education?


To get a quality education is the basic right of every individual. It is the basic thing that makes a personality grow and groom to perform better in life. But sadly, many parts of this planet lack the basic facilities to provide quality education to its residents. And hence many individuals around the world got deprived of this basic right.


Australia is among the few developed countries in this world the stresses greatly on providing good quality education. And to enrich their minds with the light of knowledge. Australia attracts international students from all around the globe. Every academic session, a large flux of students come to Australia on subclass 500 to get education from world-class Australian institutions.


International students are like a vital part of the Australian economy and culture. But this large number of international students in Australia has also created many problems in its metropolitan areas. Australian metropolitans are bursting from international migrants who have come to Australia on different visa subclasses. This high population density in Australian metropolitans is resulting in many problems there which includes severing issues like inflation and pollution etc.


To solve these issues Australia has taken a step to develop its regional areas and to attract more people to these areas. To attract international students to its regional areas Australia has made many developments in the sector of education in regional Australia.


Let’s have a look at different pros of studying in a regional Australian institution.


  • Best educational cities in the world
  • Renowned institutions
  • Lower living cost


Let’s review these points in detail:


Best educational cities in the world


Australian regional areas include some of the major cities of Australia. Many of these cities are considered to be the best cities in education. The city of Adelaide that is the capital of SA is taken to be the new educational hub of the country and is categorized as regional. So one can enjoy living and studying in major cities of Australia as well as the additional perks of studying in regional Australia.


Renowned institutions


Many Australian educational institutes that are famous around the globe for providing good quality education are located in regional Australia. One can earn a comprehensive training in his or her field along with the well-recognized degree.


Lower living cost


In Australian metropolitans, there is a great problem of inflation. The living cost and daily expenditure there are so high. Whereas, the cost of living in regional parts of the country is much more affordable. One can enjoy a similar lifestyle but at a lower cost while living in regional Australia.


These were some of many pluses of living and studying in regional Australia. If you want to come and study in regional Australia on student visa subclass 500 then call our migration agent now.


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