Australia Visit Visa Subclass 600

Australia visit visa subclass 600 and how it is affected in 2020

The Australian economy is strong and thriving. It’s based on different industrial sectors whose revenues contribute towards the economic growth of the country. One of these significant industries is tourism. Due to Australia visit visa, it is now one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.


Important facts about Tourism industry in Australia:

  • According to an estimate, around 9.4 million tourists visited Australia last year from different parts of the planet.
  • It is a huge number and easily shows the popularity of Australia among tourists around the globe.
  • The revenue generated by the tourism industry last year is around is about $60.8 billion.
  • The huge revenue generated by the tourism industry makes it the fourth largest industry contributing to the country’s economy.
  • The tourism industry also requires large manpower and thus present an abundance of employment opportunities.
  •  666,000 people are employed by the tourism industry in Australia which makes 5 per cent of the total workforce in Australia


These were some significant facts about the Australian tourism industry and how it is contributing to making the Australian economy stronger. In the next section of this blog, we will discuss the factors that make Australia this popular among tourists all across the globe. Want to be a part of the Australian tourism industry our migration agent in Sydney can help you understand different visas like TSS visa subclass 482


What makes Australia popular among tourists?

Australia has many unique traits that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Australia, being an island, was undiscovered for quite a long time. This made its evolution process a bit different. Let’s have a look at some of the most significant aspects of Australia that will force you to visit it:


Costal paradise

Australia is the biggest island on the planet, is blessed with a never-ending coastal line. Around 90 per cent of the Australian population lives near the beaches. This fact alone is like a dream come true for many beach lovers. Australia has beautiful sandy beaches that always crowded with local and international tourists.


These beaches are famous for different reasons like some a famous for white sands, some for being a perfect surfing sight, some for snorkeling and other water sports, etc. Australia is a complete package for someone who thinks of beaches as a perfect holiday site.


World-famous landmarks

Australia is home to many landmarks many of which are listed as world heritage sites. Millions of tourists come to Australia to visit these sites. These sites include the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney opera house, etc. Sydney opera house also holds many performing arts festivals and concerts throughout the year that are like a feast to art-loving people.


Natural wonders

Australia also has some natural sites which are no lesser than wonders. The number one slot in this list is the grand barrier reef. It is the largest living structure in the world. It’s so big that is also visible from outer space. It’s considered to be a paradise for scuba diving and snorkeling. This habitat of millions of sea creatures has its very own postal code.


It welcomes millions of tourists. Many activities like deep-sea-diving, glass-bottom boat tours, etc. are available which multiplies the splendor of this place to man folds. Other natural wonders of Australia includes kangaroo beach, Uluru, Kakadu national park, etc.


Colorful culture and epic food scene

Australian culture is highly diverse with roots from more than 200 different origins. Its culture is a fusion of various norms which that makes it colorful. The Australian food scene is also very interesting and is gaining immense popularity in recent years.


One can find different cosines in Australian food places and can explore the flavors of the different culture around the globe in one place.


Unique wildlife

Just like many other things the Australian wildlife is also different from the rest of the world. The wildlife in Australia is 90% unique. So you will find the species of animals in their natural habitat that you will find nowhere else in the world.  This adds ups to the uniqueness of Australia and attracts many to come and explore its beauty.


Which visa do you require to visit Australia?

To visit Australia one is required to hold Australian tourist visa Australia, let’s have a detailed look at different aspects of subclass 600.


What is the 600 visitor visa?

This visa Subclass 600 allows its holder to come to visit Australia for a temporary period on one of the following purpose:

  • To visit friends and family
  • For tourism
  • On a business trip


How long can one stay in Australia on a visit visa?

The stay in Australia under tourist visa entirely depends on the stream of visit visa one has applied under visit visa for tourism and visiting friends and family one can stay in Australia for 12 months.


And under a visit visa for the business purpose, one can stay in Australia until their meetings or conferences or business events are done.


Eligibility criteria of Australia visit visa

Eligibility criteria vary from stream to stream. Here we will discuss the criteria for visit visa tourism stream. It has two categories which are as following:


For onshore applicant:

  • The applicant must be in Australia at the time of the application for this visa
  • Should have the intention to visit Australia for visiting purpose only
  • Must have a valid and authentic health insurance
  • Should have enough finances to support his or her stay in Australia
  • Must satisfy all health and character requirements


For offshore applicant:

  • The applicant must be outside Australia at the time of the application for this visa
  • Should have the intention to visit Australia for visiting purpose only
  • Must have a valid and authentic health insurance
  • Should have enough finances to support his or her stay in Australia
  • Must satisfy all health and character requirements


Inquire more about these


How the pandemic has affected tourism in around the world in 2020?

There might be any walk of life that is not affected by the pandemic coronavirus. But some fields have borne the worst effects of it. Tourism is one of them. Let’s have a look at different factors that have affected the tourism the most in 2020.



To exercise social distancing many offices, workplaces, production units, and corporate centers etc. has been closed so that the people will have the minimum exposure to someone who might be infected with the virus. This might be a very good measure for the prevention from the coronavirus but it has adverse effects on the businesses all around the globe.


Many businesses activities, production, manufacturing got terminated or was operating on a limited operation. Which caused great deficits. And many companies even got bankrupted


Border restrictions

As a prevention from further spreading of the coronavirus, many borders got shut down. The closure of borders caused the trade between the countries to be on a Holt for many months.


Even the resumed trades are operating under some restrictions. The termination of trade has affected the import-export activities from all across the world and has caused so much loss for many economies of the world


Closure of educational institutions

Another walk of life that got deeply affected by the border restrictions and lockdowns in the field of education. Many educational institutions got closed due to the pandemic situation. There is a large number of educational institution that is still closed. Many international students are stuck in their homelands and are unable to return to their educational institutions due to border restrictions.


This has caused a great risk for many countries of losing international students and hence the revenue they generate.


How pandemic coronavirus has affected tourism in Australia?

Australia is a country famous for its splendid landscape sites and natural beauty. This attracts a lot of tourist from around the globe who comes to Australia to enjoy its never-ending coastal lines, colorful culture & amazing landmarks.


Tourism is a very significant industry in Australia. It generates a large amount of revenue and contributes greatly to the country’s economy. The coronavirus pandemic, like every other walk of life, has also affected the tourism all around the globe. Similarly, it also had an impact on tourism in Australia.


Following are the few facts that show how pandemic has affected tourism in Australia:

  • The closure of international and local borders has made travelling difficult for everyone. There are no or very fewer means of transport available. Also, 600 visitor visa is not being granted in the current situation to prevent the further spreading of the virus in Australia
  • Also, many public places and tourist attraction around the country has been closed to assure social distancing. This leaves not many choices for the tourists to explore Australia in the present times.
  • Moreover, many tourists that were already in Australia before the coronavirus hit the country are still stuck in the country and finding it hard to get back to their homeland due to border restrictions.


This was all about tourist visa 600 and how it got affected in 2020. If you want to learn more about Australian border restrictions or Australian visas like Visa 485, then book a consultation with our Migration agent.


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