outcome migration year 2019 2020

Let’s have a look at the outcomes of migration year 2019-2020?


Every year a large flux of people from all across the globe applies for various Australian visas. This fact shows that Australia is a favorite among people who want to move someplace new for better opportunities in life. This is due to various factors that set Australia apart from other countries in the word and make it popular among migrants from all around the planet. Here are a few of them.

  • Australia is a developed country with a strong economy that contributes significantly to the world’s economy. Not only this but also, Australia is striving to be on the top of every emerging field of the world. To achieve the goals it always requires large manpower. This is why Australia encourages skilled people to come and work in Australia on various Australian work visas. The abundance of work opportunities in Australia makes it very popular among skilled migrants.
  • Australia’s reputation as an educational hub of the world is rapidly increasing. Every academic session hundreds of thousands of international students get enrolled in Australian universities to get quality education and renowned degrees. These international students have now become a vital part of Australian society, culture and economy.
  • Modern-time’s facilities and amenities like a modern lifestyle, security, quality education, better health care, etc. have also contributed greatly towards the popularity of Australia as a number one destination to migrate to. As in many parts of the world, these facilities are not readily available for everyone and one always strives to make his or her life better for themselves and their families.
  • Australian friendly and culturally diverse society also attracts people from all around the globe. As living and getting adjusted in a friendly place is much easier. One can lead his or her life according to their own terms and conditions. Also, safety and security is everyone’s top priority in life and Australia provides a secure environment for everyone.

These are some of many reasons why many people from all over the world try to make a move to Australia. In this article, we will have a detailed discussion on how the migration year 2019-2020 went. Which visas subclasses were most popular in this year and how many visas are granted under different subclasses?

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The migration year 2019-2020

The migration year 2019-2020 was quite eventful even after being affected by pandemic situations. Here are few famous subclasses and number of visas allocated in those subclasses

Employer sponsored visa

This visa subclass allows an eligible Australian employer to sponsor or employ an employee from overseas. It’s done under one condition and that is the employer should not be able to find a suitable candidate for the position he or she is offering in Australia at that time. 29,261 visas are granted under employer sponsored category

Skilled independent visa subclass 189

Subclass 189 is one of the most famous Australian skilled visas it allows its holder to come, work and live in Australia on a permanent basis. In this migration year, 12,986 visas were granted under skilled independent visa subclass 189

Regional skilled visa

Two subclasses comes under this category regional skill visa subclass 491 and regional sponsored skilled visa subclass 494. Subclass 491 allows its holder to come and work in regional areas of Australia for 5 years. And subclass 494 allows the employer in regional areas of Australia to sponsor employees from overseas. 8,372 visas were granted under subclass 494 and under Skilled Work Regional 15,000 visas were granted this year.

State nominated visas

Every Australian state issues an occupational list containing the names of occupation for which it requires skilled workers. Skilled people belonging to any of these visas can apply for a state nominated visa. This year 21,495 people were granted state nominated visas.

Global talent program

The Australian government has launched a program. Under which, highly talented people belonging to any of 7 future-related fields will be granted permanent residency in very fast processing time. This migration year 4,109 visas were granted under this program

Business innovation and investment visa

In this visa category, visas are granted to those who plan to come to Australia to start a business or invest in an already existing business. 4,420 people got visas under this category

Distinguish talent visa

This visa is for those people who hold an extraordinary record in the field they belong to. This visa subclass also offers a fast track of Australian PR. 200 people got their PR under this visa subclass.

Family visa Australia

This visa category is for the parents, partners, dependent children or fiancé of an Australian permanent resident or national. 37,118 partner visas, 4,399 parent visas and 444 other family visas were granted under family visa Australia category

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