All about 2 of the most famous post graduate Australian visas

All about 2 of the most famous post graduate Australian visas

Are you an international student almost done with your course in Australia? Are you planning on working and gaining experience in your field in an Australian workplace? Then there are various visa options for you through which one can stay, works and study in Australia. In this blog, we will discuss 2 of the most famous post graduate Australian visas that help one to stay in Australia after completing his or her studies from Australian Government. But first, let’s discuss why one needs to stay in Australia after completing his or her courses from there.


What does Australia have to offer to its international students after graduation?

Hundreds of thousands of international students come to Australia every year on student visa subclass 500. This visa allows them to stay and study their enrolled course until the completion of those courses. But many international students want to stay and work in Australia after the completion of courses they are enrolled in. what are the factors that compel them to stay in Australia for more time? Below given are some of these factors.



The Australian economy is quite strong and dynamic which presents many new opportunities every day for everyone. Most of the international students done with their degrees want to grab these opportunities and work in an Australian workplace. These opportunities can provide them with sound work experience and can prove to be a solid ground for their career. This can also add up to their qualifications and can help them in future irrespective of whatever place they choose of themselves.


Job ready program:

Australian organization TRA offers a program to international students who have recently completed their course from an Australian institution. This program is called a job ready program. This program helps one to showcase his or her training, capabilities and skills by working in his or her occupation-related Australian workplace. It’s a four-step program that can provide one with sound experience and a chance to demonstrate one’s talent. A successful result from this program can help the candidate in applying for permanent visa subclass.


A step towards Australian PR:

Getting Australian PR is not an easy job. It requires many eligibility conditions to be satisfied. One of many ways to get Australian PR is by working slowly and steadily towards it. A temporary work visa can help you big time in this process. In the time frame given by your temporary Australian visa, you can gain buy levitra no prescription enough experience by working in an Australian workspace that will help you when you apply for permanent Australian visas.


Also, this gives you time to make contacts, consult and research about the permanent visa subclass you are interested in. our migration agent in Sydney can help you know about your options.


These were some of the many factors that compel a person to stay and work in Australia after completing his or her studies. Now let’s talk about the visa subclass that can help one to stay and work in Australia post-graduation


2 famous post-graduate Australian visas


Temporary graduate visa subclass 485

Through temporary graduate visa subclass, an international student who has just completed his or her degree from an Australian institute can stay, study and work in Australia. This is a temporary visa that allows one to stay in Australia for a temporary time period. The time granted by this visa depends on the stream of this visa subclass one is applying for.


Graduate workstream

This visa allows the recent international graduate who has completed 92 CRICOS weeks of vocational education at a minimum from an Australian institution to stay, work and study in Australia for up to 18 months. For this visa, the applicant’s profession should be listed in the short or medium-term occupational list.


Post-study workstream

This visa is for the international graduates from an Australian institution who has completed at least 92 CRICOS weeks of higher studies to live, work and study in Australia. Students who have completed bachelors or masters degrees can stay up to 2 years while the students who have done masters by research and PhD can stay up to 3-4 years respectively.


Skilled recognized graduate visa subclass 476

This visa is specifically for recent engineering graduates from an Australian institution. Through this visa, an international student who has recently completed his or her engineering degrees from specific educational institutions in Australia can live, study and work in Australia temporarily. Usually, the time granted by this visa is 18 months.


For this visa, the applicant should have completed a higher education degree in one of the following engineering fields:

  • Mining and Material engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Environment engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical, Production and Plant engineering


This was a little account on how  2 of the most famous post graduate Australian visas help to stay, work and study in Australia. For more information on them consult our migration agent in Parramatta.


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