Skilled Independent Visa - The Most Popular Australian Visa

Skilled Independent Visa – The Most Popular Australian Visa

There are many Australian visas that can lead to permanent residency. But the most popular one for a skilled individual to migrate to Australia is a skilled independent subclass 189 visa. This visa doesn’t require any sponsorship or nomination. Skilled Independent Visa allows its holder to come, live work and study in Australia permanently. But getting Australian PR is not a simple job as it requires to take care of every little detail and condition.


Below given are the eligibility criteria and detailed process of this visa. For further information on it you can consult our Migration Agent Parramatta.

Eligibility Criteria of Subclass 189

The eligibility requirements are as below:

  • The applicant should be under 45 years in age
  • His or her occupation should be listed on the relevant Occupational List
  • Skill assessment is required and the result of the assessment should be positive
  • The minimum score required in point score test is 65 points
  • Only those candidates can apply who gets invited to apply
  • All health and character requirements must be satisfied
  • Competent English is required


Detailed Process for Skilled Independent Visa

Here is the step by step process to apply for Skilled Independent Visa:

  • The first step should be to check whether the occupation you belong to is listed in the relevant occupational list or not.
  • Then comes the skill assessment by an authentic or approved body.
  • Calculate your points in skill select. The minimum score is 65 points.
  • After these steps, one must submit an expression of interest EOI to the department of home affairs.
  • Get invited. Only those candidates can apply who gets invited to apply.
  • Apply for visa within 60 day period after receiving an invitation.


Why so many people around the globe want to move to Australia?

The things that make a skilled individual prosper and succeed in life are good opportunities, appreciation of his or her skills and the effective ways to polish those skills.  But, sadly there are many parts of the world where the skills of many people are often neglected. Also, in many countries there are not much employment or entrepreneurial opportunities presents due to various factors which cause hopelessness among skilled and talented people. This urges them to move somewhere where there is an abundance of opportunities and where their talent and skills can be appreciated and utilized in a good way.

Australia is a country that appreciates and encourages talent and skills of an individual.

There are many factors behind this fact. The most important one of them is its strong economy which depends upon various sectors that require huge manpower. Moreover, a developed country like Australia needs talented and skilled individuals so that they can excel in their relevant fields and ultimately make the country grow strong in that particular field.


But why would an individual want to move to Australia? Here are a few facts that can make it easy to comprehend:


  • The first and foremost thing that attracts hundreds of thousands of people around the globe to move to Australia is the abundance of employment opportunities. Its strong and dynamic economy gives a chance to many people to show their talent and skills in their related fields and lay a strong foundation for their careers in Australia.
  • Also, Australia greatly encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. Different Australian states offer many programs for entrepreneurs which can help them polish their skills, learn how to implement their ideas, how to get investment and how to start setup.
  • Australia is among the best destinations for education in the world. Its educational institutes attract a lot of local and international students every session. They are famous for providing a world-class education and renowned degree.
  • Australian living standards are quite high. Its residents enjoy all kind of modern-day facilities. The most important and significant of them are a sound medical system. Other important facilities include developed infrastructure, great transportation, modern lifestyle, good housing, quality education, welfare, security, etc.
  • Many cities in Australia are ranked as the most livable cities in the world. Its society is generally friendly and one can easily get adjusted in it. Also, the level of safety and security is also high due to the lower crime rate.


The facts stated above were some of the many things that urge people to move to Australia. Australian immigration system provides many visas through which one can get Australian PR..


The Migration & Skilled Independent Visa

The Migration is a registered visa consultation firm having vast experience in providing best and most suitable visa advice. As discussed above that there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who applies for Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 but sadly not all of them get accepted. There are many things that should be taken care of when applying for a visa. This is why it’s highly recommended to consult an authentic visa consultation firm.


Our MARA certified agents can help you in the best way possible with any Australian visa and programs like the job ready program etc. so if you have any queries about any visa subclass consult our Migration Agent Sydney about it.



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