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Supporting innovation in South Australia program and important points you need to know about it

South Australia

South Australia is an Australian state that is getting popular with every passing day, especially among the international migrants. This is because of the new developments in the state that is providing newer opportunities for employment and education. Here is all you need to know about this Australian state:

  • A state located in the central-south part of Australia is South Australia. The population of this state is quite less that is 1.7 million people.
  • Adelaide is the capital city of this state and most of the state’s total population that is around 77% of the SA population lives in Adelaide.
  • Adelaide is also been promoted as the educational hub of Australia. it has three public universities that offer thousands of different courses to both local and international students. This city is becoming increasingly popular among international students as provides world-class education, peaceful environment and additional post-graduate advantages to its international students.
  • Its weather is a dry summer climate with hot summers and mild cool winters.
  • The major industry of this state is the health care sector that contributes majorly towards its economy and provides most of the jobs. The second most contributing industry is manufacturing. South Australia is also at the top for producing energy from wind power. All these industrial sectors that require great manpower and hence provide several opportunities to many skilled people not just in Australia but all around the globe.
  • As it is known that Australia is focusing very much on the development of its regional areas. In this context, two new subclasses were also introduced at the end of last year to attract more skilled people to come and work in regional parts of Australia. These subclasses also have a pathway to Australian PR. All of South Australia comes under the regional area banner. This implies more opportunities for employment and education and also a chance for Australian PR.
  • South Australia is also famous for running many programs to appreciate and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. So if you are interested in converting your innovative idea into a startup then SA can prove to be just the right place for you.
  • Also, the living cost in SA is much more affordable if we compare it with the one in Australian metropolitans. SA provides every facility of the modern age in a much affordable cost with a peaceful environment that cannot be found in Australian metropolitans.

So if you want to make a move somewhere with good opportunities and peaceful life South Australia can be the right place for you.

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The Migration

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Supporting innovation in South Australia program

Supporting innovation in the South Australia program abbreviated as SISA is a program that is introduced to bring forward new innovative ideas and launch their initial setups. It will also attract young entrepreneurs from all around the planet to come to South Australia and ultimately it will contribute towards the economic growth of the state.

The factors behind the introduction of SISA program

The factors that play an important role in the introduction of this program are as under

  • This program will help in bringing forward new and innovative ideas. Some of them can prove to be the initial step towards a successful and flourishing business.
  • It will attract entrepreneurs from all over the world to South Australia that will lead towards the creation of new work and job opportunities in the state and also towards its socio-economic growth.

 Participating in SISA events

There are many events organized by the SISA program. The goals of these events are given as under

  • These events will help entrepreneurs from all around the world with different ideas to interact with each other and understand and learn about other’s ideas and their approach towards launching them.
  • In these events, the young entrepreneurs will get mentored by successful entrepreneurs who will teach them different ideas and techniques that are important in launching one’s idea and also they will share their struggle and success-story with the young entrepreneurs.
  • SISA events will also provide the chance to the local investors to invest in the ideas that seem to be flourishing in the future
  • Legal and financial advice will also be provided


Temporary activity visa subclass 408

For participating in SISA events one must get a temporary activity visa subclass 408. This visa will allow the candidate to stay in Australia until the event ends. One must be nominated by the state to participate in SISA events to get this visa.


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