Are you a chef? Then there are many chances waiting for you to get Australian PR. Lets hear more about why Australia is better place for chef!

Chefs have got some amazing opportunities to get Australian PR

Australia is always in demand of highly talented people and skilled professionals. This is why many people wish to move to Australia for a better life and work opportunities. The Australian economy is based on many industrial sectors like tourism, manufacturing, fossil fuel, IT, education, etc. all these industrial sector needs skilled people to keep operating and also to expand their operations whenever required. The demand for these skilled people is so huge that Australia cannot rely on its local markets.


This is why for skilled individuals who wish to move to Australia, its immigration system offers many visas through which one can come and work in Australia.


Australian tourism and fine dining sector

Tourism is one of the most significant industries in Australia. Millions of local and international tourist visit different parts of the country every year. This generates a large sum of revenue and contributes to the economy greatly. Australian landmarks. Its splendid beaches, colourful culture, historical sites, beautiful cities, etc. attracts tourists the most. Also, Australian wildlife is 90 per cent unique from the rest of the world. That also is one of an important factor to make Australia popular among tourists.


Australian tourism is based or dependent on many other sectors and one of the most important ones of it is the fine-dining sector. Australia dining scene is getting popular around the world and has a reputation for presenting cuisines from various different cultures. It’s also one of the most attractive parts for tourist as they get to try different cultural food and drinks in one place.


This creates lots of opportunities for those who are associated with this field, especially for chefs. So if you are a chef and looking for an opportunity to move to Australia then your chances of getting Australian PR are quite bright.


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Are you a chef and wants to make a move to Australia? Here is all you need to know

  • Different Australian states need skilled people from overseas in the sectors where there is more demand for manpower. Every Australian state and territory issue an occupational list according to its demand of manpower for different visa subclasses. As dinning is becoming an emerging field in Australia, many of its states require talented people belonging to this field.
  • One must keep an eye on different opportunities and should research on the different occupational list that might have a requirement for the chef in it.
  • To apply for an Australian visa is not as simple as it seems it requires consideration of every small detail. If one is applying as a chef then he or she must get their skill assessed by an authentic assessing body. Also, work is experience counts big time when applying for a permanent visa. Make sure you have adequate experience as a chef
  • You can always consult our migration agent in Parramatta who can explain different opportunities you might have in Australia as a chef, visa application processes, job ready program, etc.


Australian permanent visas that promise Australian PR

Some of the Australian skilled visas are permanent and allows their holders to stay, work and study in Australia permanently as a resident. Through this visa, one can acquire Australian PR and can get entitled to all the facilities an Australian resident enjoys. Here are few Australian permanent visas get you Australian PR as a chef


Skilled independent visa subclass 189

Visa 189 is an Australian permanent visa and does not require any nomination. The occupational list must-have a chef as a profession in it. This visa allows you to work as a chef and stay in Australia permanently.


Skilled nominated visa subclass 190

190 Visa is also a permanent visa that one can apply for after getting nominated by a state. If you are applying as a chef then there should be chef listed in the occupational list of the state you are intended to get nominated by.


Regional skilled visa subclass 491

Visa 491 is a regional visa that allows one to come and work as a chef in regional areas of Australia. This visa is for 5 years. But one can apply for Australian PR after working for 3 years in regional areas of Australia.


This was all about how to get PR in cookery in Australia. Being a chef no doubt opens many doors for you to Australian PR. But it is always advised to get help from a professional visa consultant. The Migration is an Australian registered visa consultancy firm with MARA certified migration agents.


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