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English language program for adult migrants and refugees is free!

The English language program for migrants in Australia

As we all know that Australian national is English. While the population of Australia is originated from more than 200 different origins but there is one thing that binds them and helps them to live in harmony and peace. That factor is one common language that is English. The English language program is offered by the federal government for the migrants in Australia. There are many objectives for this program.  Let have a look at few of them

  • This program helps migrants who does not have functional English. This makes their everyday living quite difficult. Through this program, they can learn to communicate and converse more easily. And there everyday struggle to communicate can be much more simplified this way
  • For a migrant, the number one challenge is to blend in society and know its norms and culture. Language is the key here that helps a newcomer to adjust in a new place. Learning English helps them to blend and participate in society more effectively.
  • Without knowing English a migrant could never peruse his or her career in Australia. And it will be really difficult for him or her to land good employment or job opportunities without knowing functional English. This is why it’s vital for a migrant to learn English.

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What are the new changes announced in the English language program for the migrants and refugees?

According to The Guardian Australia, there are many major changes coming in the way of the English language program for adult migrants. There are many factors that are making these changes happen. But the most important one is that many migrants were not able to learn functional English through this program which was the basic motto of this program. These new changes are expected to bring betterment to the program. Let’s have a look at these changes

  • The upper limit to the duration of the program is finished. This means one can get enrolled in the course until he or she knows functional English at least. The upper limit to this program was 510 hours with most of the people only completing 300 hours.
  • The English language program for adult migrants will be absolutely free. It’s very good news as people will be keener towards undertaking the program and learning something out of it as it won’t charge them anything.
  • Moreover, around 46,000 study material is being translated into 63 different languages so that this program can be made more efficient and effective. Especially for the refugees who come from the countries where there are not good standards of education.


Australia and migrants

Australia is one of the most popular destinations nowadays for international migrants. It may be a surprise for some but Australia has the greatest army of skilled migrants in the world. Many refugees from some troubled parts of the planet also come to Australia to get asylum there. There are many factors that attract people around the world to come to Australia for a better life some of them are as following:

Better work opportunities

The most important factor in this context is the abundance of work and employment opportunities. These opportunities are not readily available in many parts of the world. Moreover, people get paid really less of the jobs they do in many countries. Australia not just provide opportunities to skilled people but also appreciate and acknowledge their hard work and talent

Quality education

To get a good quality education is the right of everyone but sadly many people on this planet are deprived of this basic right. Australian educational system and institution are famous around the globe to provide an excellent standard of education and renowned degrees.

Modern lifestyle

Australia provides its residents with every modern facility the modern age has to offer. Best healthcare facility, modern housing, quality education, better infrastructure etc. are few of many amenities offered by the Australian government.

Safe and secure environment

Many Australian cities are listed as the safest cities in the world. This is because of the low crime rate and a higher literacy rate in Australia. Many countries around the globe are having troubles and some also on the war which makes it nearly impossible for one to live there and continue his or life there normally. This is why many refugees take asylum in Australia to lead a safe, secure and peaceful life.

Friendly society

The Australian population is derived from more than 200 different origins that creates a huge cultural diversity in Australian culture. This is the main reason behind its society being friendly and with higher tolerance level. People from a foreign country gets easily adjusted to its society and it doesn’t take long for them to contribute and participate in society.

This was all about the new changes happening in the English language program scene. For more information contact our migration agent in Sydney.




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