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Detailed process of skilled independent subclass 189 visa

Australia as a paradise for skilled migrant

The above statement might seem like an exaggerating to some of you but indeed it is not. There are many facts and figures that will back up this statement. Australia has the largest army of skilled migrants in the world. This shows that there are some factors that set Australia apart and make it a number one choice of skilled people looking for better career opportunities whether its employment or entrepreneurship. Below given are some of the biggest attractions that attract skilled people from different parts of the world to come and built their career in Australia.
• Australian economy is one of the significant economies in the world. It’s dependent on many strong and developed industrial sectors. These sectors are always in need of skilled manpower to keep operating and also to expand their operations. This demand cannot be satisfied by Australian skilled people only this is why many opportunities are given to skilled people from overseas to come and be a part of Australian work-force.
• Australia encourages and appreciate the talent like it should be appreciated. This attracts a lot of talented people towards it. A good income, opportunity to learn more, encouragement of performing better are few of many features that make Australia number one choice for many people.
• Also, the amenities and facilities available in Australia are a very big source of attraction. As everyone wants good housing, quality education, safety, good healthcare, etc. for themselves and their families.
• Australian institutions offer different programs for skilled and talented people. These programs include job ready program, professional year program, etc. these programs help to improve the skills of a person in a relevant occupation. Also, many program are offered to support and encourage entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas.
These were some of many attraction of Australia that makes many skilled individuals make a move to Australia. There are several visas that can help a skilled individual to come to Australia. But, in this blog, we will talk about a particular visa that is skilled independent subclass 189 visas.

What is skilled independent visa subclass 189?

As we have discussed above that the Australian immigration system offers many visa subclass that allows skilled individuals to come to Australia and work there. Some of them are permanent visas whereas some are temporary. The eligibility condition of these visas is different.
The most popular of these visas is subclass 189 visa. For this visa, one doesn’t need any nominator or sponsor. To apply for this visa one must need a minimum of 65 points in the point score test.

What is the eligibility criteria of subclass 189?

Every subclass has some edibility conditions that needed to be fulfilled. Let’s have a look at the eligibility condition of subclass 189
• The applicant must have an age less than 45 year
• Should belong occupation listed on the relevant Occupational List
• Must get his or her skill assessed from the relevant assessing authority
• The result of skill assessment should be positive
• The score of points test should be at least 65 points
• Must get an invitation to apply for the visa
• Should satisfy all health and character requirements
• The applicant must have competent English

What is the detailed process for this visa?

• First of all one must determine that his or her occupation should belong to the relevant occupational list
• Then the applicant should get his or her skill assessed
• One must calculate points of interest in Skill Select
• The minimum score in point score is 65 points to apply. So one must submit an expression of interest EOI if his or her score is more than 65 points
• Then one has to wait to get invited. The application is only lodged if he or she is invited to apply for this visa subclass
• the visa should be applied within 60 days of invitation

How can the migration help you in this respect?

To apply for an Australian visa subclass is not a simple thing. It requires to take care of many fine details. This is why it is always advised to consult a migration agent. The Migration is an Australian company that is experienced in providing the best visa advice according to one unique circumstance. Our MARA certified agents can help you understand different visa processes so that they can become simpler for you.
To learn more about subclass 189 visa and other visa subclasses contact our Sydney migration agent.

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