Return of international students to South Australia under pilot program

Return of international students to South Australia under pilot program

International students are a vital part of the Australian economy and culture. Australia greatly emphasis on providing the best educational facilities to its local and international students to attract more international students and maintain its reputation as an amazing destination for education around the globe.


Here is why Australia is considered as a number one educational institution

  • The most important thing that makes a place number one choice for international students is the quality of education it provides. As for a student, the basic motive behind leaving one’s homeland and moving somewhere new is to get better educational opportunities. Australian educational system provides world-class education around the planet. This is why it’s the first choice of many international students.
  • It is very important to get higher education from such institutions whose degrees are recognized in every part of the world. This is how your degree will boost your career rather than restricting it. Australian institutes are famous and have a very positive reputation worldwide.
  • Studying in an established and renowned educational institution makes a huge difference in ones grooming and training. Choosing an institution for the field you want to take as a career is a very important step. Australia has many world-renowned institutions that specialize in the most famous and significant disciplines. This makes it easier and simpler for an international student to pick a renowned institution for the discipline he or she is interested in
  • Australian institutes offer various scholarships and grants to many of its international students. These scholarships encourage international students and also help them to support their living expenses in Australia.
  • It’s necessary to choose a destination for higher studies whose environment and social atmosphere is friendly and have higher toleration level for different cultures. Australian society is highly diverse when it comes to culture. So its society is friendlier and one can get easily adjusted.


These were some properties of Australian educational system that makes it famous around the globe and millions of international students choose Australia as the number one educational destination in the world.


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How’s is South Australia for education?

South Australia is emerging as a state that stresses on the development and progress of education the most. Many students around the globe are opting for south Australian educational institutions for a better educational career in Australia. Here are a few reasons behind it

  • South Australia has some of the best universities not just in Australia but around the globe. These universities provide a wide choice of discipline to choose from. So whatever one wants to study or make a career in South Australia is a good choice for all
  • Adelaide is the capital city of SA and is also the home of most of South Australia’s population. The city of Adelaide is being promoted as the educational hub of Australia. The reason behind Adelaide being the centre of education is its high standard and quality education
  • On contrary to the metropolitan areas of Australia, South Australia is way less crowded. Which makes living there more comfortable. The living expenses in South Australia are also much lower than that in metropolitan areas of Australia. All this allows international students to enjoy the same high-quality education on a much affordable living cost.


Also, SA provides its international students many benefits in the future. These benefits allow the return of international students from SA institutions to enjoy the extra stay in post-study visas.


These were some of the many benefits of choosing SA for your higher education. Let’s have a look at how the coronavirus has affected return of  international students and how they are coming back to SA to resume their studies.


Return of International students to SA on the pilot program

As we all know that for the past 8 months the coronavirus has affected almost every walk of life. Whether its business, education, tourism, social lives of people, etc. everything on this planet is impacted by the current pandemic situation.  People around the world are advised to practice social distancing and to stay at home to prevent coming across an infected person. In this context, many countries sealed their borders as a precautionary measure from the further spread of the virus.’


This has caused many problems for the people especially for those having temporary visas for a foreign country. Some of such people are suck in that foreign country and are unable to return their homeland. And some are in their home country unable to return to their jobs and educational institutions abroad. South Australia has recently announced the program for the return of international students.


Under this program students will be returning to the university in Adelaide, SA. Initially, 300 students will get back to SA under this program. The criteria of the chosen students are not known yet. But, it is said that the priority will be given to the final semester and research students.


This was a little account of how return of international students will start to Australia. for more information on Australia visas and programs like the job ready program for chef consult our migration agent.



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