professional year program

Let’s see how professional year program can boost your career in Australia

Australia contributes largely to the world’s economy. Being a developed country it is home to some of the biggest businesses in the world. There are many industrial sectors that contribute to the Australian economy and give it a boost. These industries include IT, education, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. Being the centre of these industries in the global market Australia require huge manpower.


To meet its demand for talented and trained manpower and to keep its pace with the fast-moving world Australia is always in needs newer talent in every emerging field. This is the reason why Australia offers immense work opportunities to not only its citizens but also for the skilled people living in other parts of the planet.


In this blog, we will talk about a program that helps the international students in Australia to learn and experience the environment of an Australian workspace that will help them with their career in Australia. This program is called professional year program. Let’s see how it works and helps in boosting one’s career.


 Professional year program

Studying a discipline or subject in a classroom is one thing and practising it in a real environment is entirely another thing. Australian educational institutions are famous for providing quality and world-class education. But the thing that one cannot learn in the classroom is the real-life workspace experience.


Every country has its unique workspace norms and culture. One can only understand these cultural values by only experiencing the actual workspace environment. Australia offers many programs that one can take after completing the degree to learn and gain knowledge about Australian workspaces relevant to their fields.


One of these programs is the professional year program. This is a year long program that teaches you about the workspace environment related to your field and also gives you a chance to experience the environment by actually working in the relevant firms.


This program is offered in three different fields. These fields are IT, engineering and accounting. Let’s have a look at all three of them.


Professional year program for different fields

Professional year program for three different fields are discussed as below:

Engineering Professional year program

Engineering is like a backbone to every industrial sector. There are many sectors that cannot work without it. Manufacturing, construction, healthcare, development projects, etc. can be very good examples of fields that are based on engineering only. Gaining a degree and experiencing a real engineering work environment is equally important.


Engineering professional year program is for the international engineering students who have completed their degrees from an Australian engineering institution. This program helps them to understand the dynamics of an Australian engineering firm. Through internships in engineering firms, these new graduates get the real-life experience of the actual workplaces. The motive of this program is to give the international engineering graduates a thorough knowledge of what they are going to face on their career pathway and how to deal with it.


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IT professional year program

IT is the most emerging field in the world. It has taken over almost every industrial sector and it won’t be wrong to say that is the field that is in the most demand. IT professional year program is designed for the international students who have completed their degree from an Australian institute in IT related field.


IT professional year helps a fresh international IT graduate to gain practical IT life experience by course studies and internships. The actual factor behind the introduction of this program is to create an understanding for international students to adapt the ways of IT firms in Australia.


Accounting professional year program

This program is particularly for the international students who did their degree in accounting or closely related subject to accounting from an Australian institution. This program allows an international accounting graduate from an Australian institute to gain experience in a real accounting workspace through internships. This can provide a boost in their career and it also helps to score extra points in skilled independent subclass 189 visa application.


What are the benefits of a professional year program?

There are many benefits of taking a professional year program some of them are listed as under

  • International students coming from different parts of the planet are unaware of the culture of Australian workspaces that is why it is difficult for them to adjust and start working in Australian offices without having any knowledge about it. A professional year program can help them grasp the idea of the norms of these offices
  • One gets to work in Australian offices related to their fields. Which can give them a very good experience of working in Australia and also can sharpen one’s skills?
  • It will also help to make contacts in your professional circle. These can help your career when you are looking for work opportunities.
  • Completing a professional year program can help you get 5 additional points when applying from Australian PR


That was all about professional year program or job ready program etc. If you want to learn more about this program our Sydney migration agent can help you.



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