Let’s see which visa subclass can lead you to Australian PR - Step wise Guide

Let’s see which visa subclass can lead you to Australian PR – Step wise Guide

Australia is one of a developed country of the world with a strong economy. Its metropolitan cities are famous around the globe for many reasons. These reasons can be many big industries operating from these cities, their renowned educational institutions, higher living standards, the large flux of international migrants, and abundance of employment and work opportunities, etc. These were few of many factors that make Australian metropolitan cities one of the best places to live in the world. But living in a metropolitan city also has a downside this is why choosing regional Australia to live can be a very good option.Choosing Regional Australia can be better option as it provides you quality education & Good Lifestyle. Let see how to go for Australian PR!


Let’s see what Regional Australia has to offer:

  • Many famous cities of Australia comes under the category of regional areas. These cities are famous for providing great lifestyle, every modern-day amenity, great educational institutions, world-class medical facilities, etc. they are not behind in the path of development and progress from any metropolitan city of Australia hence provide a high standard of living.
  • Metropolitan cities of Australia are flooded with people. There is not only the local population but large flux migrants from different parts of the world come to these metro cities. All this cause high population density in these cities. Which further causes many serious issues like lesser opportunities for work and education, inflation, more completion, etc.
  • The environment of Australian regional areas is very relaxed. Lower population density makes many things simpler in these areas. The probability of landing good employment or educational opportunity is greater. The lower quotient of pollution and lesser hustle bustle in regional areas also makes the life there easier.
  • There are many goof educational institutes present in provincial areas of Australia. These institutes not only provide quality education for the local students but also to the students from different parts of the planet. These institutes thousands of different courses in various disciplines. They also provide many grants and scholarships to international students who come to Australia on student visa subclass 500 to encourage and attract them.
  • Also, the cost of living in metropolitan cities are much higher if you compare them with that of regional areas. This includes rents, transportation, utilities, etc. One can enjoy many good opportunities and a good lifestyle while living in regional Australia at a much lower cost.

These were some perks of living in regional areas in Australia. In the next section of the article, we will talk about the visa subclass through which one can live and work in regional Australia especially Queensland small business pathway of subclass 491.

Skilled regional visa subclass 491

This visa subclass is a new subclass that was introduced at the end of the previous year. This targets the people who want to live and work in regional areas of Australia. Through this visa subclass, one can come to Australia and work in regional at least of Australia for 5 years. This visa subclass also has a pathway to Australian PR and that is if one works for 3 years in a regional area of Australia then he or she can apply for Australian PR points provided that they satisfy all eligibility conditions. This visa subclass can provide a good opportunity for those seeking Australian PR points.

Queensland small business stream of subclass 491

Visa subclass 491 has a stream which specially targets the international migrants already running a small business in regional areas of Australian state Queensland. This visa stream is only for onshore candidates and also has a pathway to PR after satisfying certain conditions. it allows them to live and work in regional Queensland for 5 years and leads to Australian PR

What are the conditions to be satisfied for this visa stream?

For this stream of subclass 491, one must be nominated by the state and should also meet the criteria of the department of the home affairs. The conditions are given as below

  • The applicant must have a point score of at least 65 points.
  • Should get his or her skill assessed and the outcome should be positive
  • Must be English competent
  • The age of the applicant should not be more than 45 years
  • The applicant should be holding an Australian visa that allows him or her to work and operate a business
  • Must have purchased an already existing business in regional Queensland for at least AUS $100,000.
  • Must be the sole owner of the business
  • Should be running that business for at least 6 months prior then lodging application for this visa stream.

What are the perks of this visa stream?

Here are few of many perks of this visa stream

  • The first and foremost important advantage of this visa stream is that it provides a pathway to Australian PR. One can apply for pr points for different courses in Australia after operating business for 5 years in regional Queensland.
  • Getting state nomination can earn you 15 additional points in the point score test. You can add them up to increase your point score so in case you have only 50 points of your own you can still be eligible to apply if you get the state nomination.

This was a little account on subclass 491 and its Queensland small business stream.

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