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Changes in Australian work visa as a post-COVID-19 sweetener for international students

How significant international students are for Australia?

Australia is taken to be one of the most significant places for higher studies. Its famous world-renowned institutions, sound educational system, recognized degrees and affordability makes it a favorite destination in the world. But let’s see how important international students are for Australia. The following facts will help to understand the significance of international students to Australia

  • There are more than 800, 0000 students in Australia on student visa subclass 500 with around 200,000 international students in the city of Sydney only. This is a very large figure which makes it comparable to other developed countries that are famous for education like the USA and UK.
  • International students bring a large sum of revenue to the country. According to an estimate international students brought revenue of around $31 billion to Australia. This is why international students are a significant part of the Australian economy. Australia greatly emphasizes on attracting more international students to it by providing them with more facilities and quality education to its international students.
  • International students are also contributing to Australian culture and society. Belonging to different origins, they bring with them the colour and norms of their culture to Australia and hence makes Australian society more culturally diverse and colourful
  • Also, international students help in improving the reputation of Australian educational institutes. With the increasing number of international students enrollments increase the popularity of Australian educational institutions in the world.

These facts show how important international students are for the Australian economy and educational institutions.

How international students in Australia are affected by COVID-19?

The current pandemic situation has an impact on every walk of life. The life on this planet is disturbed altogether due to the coronavirus. Australia, like every other country, is fighting the current pandemic situation in the best way possible. Australia has declared the coronavirus as a medical emergency and is dealing with it vigilantly.

Like every other aspect of life, education in Australia is also affected greatly due to the pandemic and restrictions caused by it. International students in Australia are also suffering from its consequences. Many of them stuck outside Australia and are unable to return due to border restrictions which are keeping them to start their educational activities in Australia. Also, many international students in Australia are unable to return to their homeland and it’s getting difficult for them to support their living expenses as most of the part-time jobs are unavailable in the current situation.

Many Australian states recently announced a pilot plan through which the international students were to come back to Australia gradually. According to this plan, international students enrolled in different Australian universities will come back to Australia on specially chartered flights. Under this plan, 350 international students were planned to get back to universities in Canberra at the start of July. But after that, the Australian prime minister announced the only condition on which international students can come back are the reopening of the state borders and return of the local students to the universities. But due to the current spike in affected people, this plan seems to be delayed a bit.

What are the changes in Australian work visa as a post-COVID-19 sweetener for international students?

Many overseas students who are unable to come to Australia and continue or start their education in Australian universities. Which is causing a great risk for Australia to lose its international students. Changes in post-study work visa are expected to bring relief for the students stuck outside Australia. Here are the few highlights of these changes

  • International students enrolled in Australian universities which are forced to remain outside Australia due travel restrictions will be given graduate rights. Previously these rights were limited to the graduates who complete their education in Australia only.
  • Also, the government is expected to reduce or waive off the visa renewal or extension fee for the students who are in Australia and their visas are expiring soon

We hope that these changes will benefit both the Australian education system and its international students. For more queries and questions about these changes, you can contact our migration agent in Sydney anytime you like.

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