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Australia’s new conditions on the return of international students

Australia and international students

Australia comes in the top slots of the list of some of the best destinations for international students on this planet. There are many aspects that make it come among the top places for education. Let’s take a look at few of them

Strong educational system

Australia is has a strong educational system that assures quality education. Many of its educational institutes are considered to be one of the best in the world. Many of its cities are counted among the best university cities in the world. This is why it welcomes many international students on student visa subclass 500.


Australian institutes not only provides a world-class degree but also promotes knowledge in their students. They are famous for enriching the minds of their students with the light and power of knowledge. Which helps them not just in their careers but also makes them a positive person for society.


Living in Australia is much more affordable if you compare it with other countries which are famous for their educational system. The living expenses are lower whereas the living standard and lifestyle is quite comparable. Moreover, the tuition cost of Australian institutions are also much lighter of the pocket than in the countries like the USA, UK, etc. this is why it’s also becoming a new educational hub of the world

Friendly environment

It’s very difficult for anyone to move to a foreign country rather the move is temporary. It takes a lot of time to get used to a new place and its ways and culture. But what makes it more difficult for someone is if the people there are not adaptive to different cultures and norms.  Australian society is comprised of people belonging to various different cultures and traditions which makes it culturally diverse. This is why it has a high tolerance and acceptance level. Its friendly environment makes it easy for international students to adjust.

Renowned institutions and recognized degrees

Wherever on earth one wants to peruse his or her career they want a recognized degree otherwise it will be difficult for him or her to get good employment opportunities. Also earning degrees from a renowned institution can open many doors of progress for you and can present many bright prospects for your future.

These were some perks of studying in Australia and why it is one of the best places for international students in the world.

COVID-19 and international students in Australia

Like every other part of the world, Australia is also fighting with the current pandemic. The pandemic that has started from China, in the end, the previous year has now undertaken every other part of the world. It has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives around the globe and has affected the health of millions. Many other aspects of lives are also affected by this pandemic whether its business, education, social lives of the people or any other aspect.

The Australian government has declared this pandemic as a medical emergency and is fighting with it in every way possible. Life in Australia has also affected by this pandemic situation. And like every other walk of life, education in Australia is also bearing the effects of COVID-19. International students are a very important and significant part of the Australian education system. They also earn a large sum of revenue for the country. But due to the current situation, many international students are facing various problems. Some are stuck overseas and are unable to come back and resume their studies in Australia. And some are present in Australia and are unable to return to their homeland and are running out of resources. The figure of international student enrollment is also deceased greatly this year due to COVID -19

Conditions on the return of international students

Being a vital part of Australian society, the educational system and economy, Australia is concerned about its international students. This is why it’s doing everything to ensure the safe return of the students from overseas. Australia’s capital territory announced a pilot program through which international students will get back to their universities in Canberra in the month of July. Under this pilot program, around 350 students will be returning to Australia through chartered flights. The criteria for choosing students is not set yet. But the preference will be given to the students doing the research program or the ones in their final semesters.

But, most recently Australian prime minister has announced that the return of international students will be only possible under certain conditions and that is:

  • International students will only return to their universities in Australia after the local students are returned to their universities.
  • Some Interstate order was closed in Australia as a prevention from the further spreading of the coronavirus. Local students cannot return to universities until these borders open again. Hence, it will also affect the return of international students

These were some conditions on which the return of international students depends upon. For further information on it or any Australian visa like subclass 482 etc. please contact our migration agent now.

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