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Living in regional New South Wales? Then Subclass 491 may lead you to Australian PR

A little about regional areas of Australia

Australia is a land full of zeal, life and bright prospects for the people who have a passion to do something in life. Australia has a very large number of the skilled immigrant who has come to Australia to work and build up their careers in their respective fields. It’s a common perception that Australian metropolitans have more work and employment-related opportunities. But this perception is not very true, there are many significant cities which comes under the banner of regional Australia that offers many amazing opportunities to its residents. Let have a look at them

  • The Australian government is greatly emphasizing on the development of its regional areas. This is why many development projects and programs have stated in these areas. These projects and programs generate thousands of opportunities for skilled people not just in Australia but worldwide.
  • International skilled migrants are encouraged to come to regional areas of Australia. This will contribute towards the development of skilled manpower in the regional areas and also will give endless advantages of jobs and employment to the migrants.
  • Australian metropolitans are flooded with people. This creates lots of problems and the most significant one of it is lesser work opportunities. With increasing population opportunities for employment become scarce. There are many eligible candidates of a single job opening in these metropolitan cities. Which makes it difficult for some to cope up.
  • Regional areas of Australia provide a health and beautiful environment unlike the one provided by metropolitan cities. The basic necessities of life are also at a much lower cost in regional areas. These include the cost of housing, utilities, transport etc.
  • One can enjoy all the amenities of the modern world while living in regional areas of Australia at a much lower cost and in a much better environment. There are various amazing educational institutions, modern medical centres, recreational activities, etc. present there that increase the charm of living in regional Australia.

These were some pluses of living in regional Australia. Let’s have a look at the new regional visa subclass 491 that can help one come work and live in regional parts of the country.

if you want more information on regional Australia and the opportunities there for you ask our migration agent in Sydney more about it

Skilled regional visa subclass 491

This is a new subclass that was introduced by the end of the year 2019. This visa subclass is becoming increasingly famous with every passing day. This visa subclass is for those who want to come, live and work in regional Australia. This visa allows its holder to stay and work in a regional area for 5 years.

One has to satisfy certain conditions to be eligible to apply for these visas these conditions are:

  • The applicant must be less than 45 years in age
  • He or she must get nominated by the state or territory
  • Should belong to the occupation that is present in the relevant occupational list
  • Must get his or her skill assessed by the relevant authorities and the outcome should be positive
  • The applicant must score at least 65 points in the point score test
  • Health and character conditions should also be satisfied.

How subclass 491 provides a pathway to Australian PR?

Subclass 491 allows its holder to live and work in regional areas of Australia for 5 years. It is a temporary visa. But this visa also has a pathway to Australian PR. This temporary visa might lead you to Australian permanent residency if you fulfil some conditions. First of all one need to work for 3 years in a regional area of Australia on this visa. Then comes some other conditions related to health, character, and occupation. One can apply for Australian PR after satisfying these conditions

NSW state nomination

Very Australian state or territory announces a list of occupation corresponding to particular visas. The aspirants a particular Australian visa subclass should belong to the occupation listed in its corresponding occupational list.

NSW has open applications for state nominations for skilled regional visa subclass 491 on some conditions. The last date of submission of the application is 26th June 2020. So anyone who is living in regional NSW and is waiting for a chance of Australian PR this might be the perfect opportunity for him or her

Conditions on applying for NSW state nomination for subclass 491

These conditions are as following

  • One has to be living in regional areas of NSW on a temporary skilled visa
  • The candidate must belong to the occupation listed in the relevant occupational list
  • Applicant must have a valid skill assessment by a relevant authority.

These conditions should be satisfied to apply for NSW state nomination for subclass 491.

This was all about NSW state nomination for regional visa subclass 491 for more information on any visa subclass like TSS visa or subclass 186, etc. please consult our migration agent in Australia

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